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Why There Are So Many Complicated Tom Hardy Characters

Many of Tom Hardy‘s roles have proven challenging for viewers to comprehend during his acting career. Ironically, it was simple to comprehend his first significant position as Twombly in the war movie Black Hawk Down because he had to yell his lines at another soldier for the majority of the film. But since then, a study found that Tom Hardy was the actor that Americans found the most challenging to comprehend. Researchers polled Americans about their usage of subtitles and discovered that many viewers relied on them to follow up with characters’ speech, particularly those played by Hardy.

The fundamental reason why so many people have trouble understanding Tom Hardy’s characters appears to be their accents. Hardy has portrayed a range of fictional characters and actual persons with different accents, such as the frontiersman John Fitzgerald in The Revenant, who combined Southern and Philadelphian dialects, and the Southern bootlegger Forrest Bondurant in Lawless. When Hardy played the Kray brothers in Legend and Charles Bronson’s prisoner in Bronson, he also employed stronger variations of his own British accent. His most infamously accented part, though, was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane was extremely hard for some viewers to comprehend because of Bane’s mask and thick accent.

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According to the subtitle poll

However, viewers sometimes had trouble understanding Tom Hardy’s native British accent. All five of the television programs most frequently seen with subtitles, including Hardy’s Peaky Blinders, were produced in the UK because the poll’s target demographic was American viewers. Additionally, British stars like James McAvoy, Sean Connery, and Benedict Cumberpatch sometimes have trouble communicating with Americans. This study suggests that Hardy’s characters have a tendency to be difficult to understand because of both his real and made-up accents. However, Tom Hardy’s great performances and widespread appeal imply that his career has not been hampered by people’s inability to comprehend him.

Why There Are So Many Complicated Tom Hardy Characters

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Is Tom Hardy Being Hard To Understand A Major Problem?

Although Tom Hardy’s accents are sometimes difficult to understand or even incorrect, his voice acting has won accolades. Erik Singer, a dialect instructor, claimed in one piece (found via The Hollywood Reporter) that while Hardy’s accents occasionally detracted from the plot, they also contributed to the lifelike portrayal of his characters. Hardy was able to make his characters feel real through tone of voice and commitment to his roles. For instance, Singer praised Hardy’s portrayal of Fitzgerald in The Revenant, noting that the character’s accent “worked as a representation of [his character’s] warped nature” despite having an unclear regional background. In this sense, even if they occasionally made his characters’ speech patterns more difficult to understand, Hardy’s accents complemented his performances since they revealed the attention he placed into his characters’ distinctive speech patterns.

In addition, Tom Hardy’s popularity has increased despite some people having trouble recognizing his accent. Hardy has taken on increasingly larger parts since making his acting debut in Black Hawk Down. Hardy has had important roles in action movies, like Mad Max: Fury Road and Inception. Additionally, he played Eddie Brock in the films Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Even Hardy’s future as a James Bond actor has been debated by fans. This demonstrates that even if Tom Hardy’s accents can be challenging to understand, his talent and dedication to his roles have convinced many fans that it is worthwhile to watch his performances.



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