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Why Are Your Instagram Messages Black? How to Solve the Annoying Issue

Why Are Your Instagram Messages Black?

Users throughout the world are experiencing issues after the newest Instagram update, including the inability to utilize filters on their Instagram story, a “unable to use effect” error message, and the complete blackout of Instagram direct messages as of early Thursday morning.

Users of both the iOS and Android platforms are experiencing the social media problem, and some have taken to Twitter to display images showing completely and partially obscured text on the Instagram app.

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Why are Instagram messages black? 

Though Instagram has yet to comment on the worldwide message blackout, it appears the social network site itself is suffering the malfunction, since reports of the annoying mistake haven’t been confined to any one mobile device or carrier.

Some of the major social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have also gone down in the past; this is likely due to that recent upgrade, and the regularly huge number of people on the app may also be a contributing factor.

Many Instagram users have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration about the recent app update that has rendered their messages dark, and to share their own unsuccessful attempts to fix the issue.

Somebody could have wondered if the others’ messages appeared “strange.”

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How to fix black Instagram messages

Thankfully, there is a fix for the obscured Instagram direct messages, and it’s surprisingly easy: Just turn on dark mode on your phone. Go to “Settings,” choose “Display & Brightness,” and press “Dark” on an iPhone.

Until Instagram comes up with a more long-lasting fix, changing the chat color makes messages visible once more.

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