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What difficulties does Season 3 of Blown Away present? Format and omissions

Blown Away, Netflix’s blockbuster series, has 10 binge-worthy episodes available. The third season of the glassblowing competition is now available on the site. This season, 10 participants are displaying their talents to win a task in each episode in order to advance to the next round and win the season.

This season’s contestants featured Dan Friday, Brenna Baker, Trenton Quiocho, John Sharvin, and John Moran. Grace Whiteside, Claire Kelly, Rob Stern, Madeleine Hughes, and Minhi are among the cast members.

Season 3 of Blown Away will include the winning finale installation at Corning for the first time in the show’s history. To win the challenge, contestants were required to push their technical and intellectual abilities to the utmost. They were evaluated based on concept, inventiveness, and technical ability, among other things.

Detailing the tasks presented to Blown Away finalists in each episode leading up to the conclusion

Each episode of Netflix’s Blown Away Season 3 included participants being given a task and having to create the greatest rendition of a specified topic in a limited period of time. Participants who succeeded advanced in the competition and gained an edge over the following task. The candidates who did not impress the host, Katherine Gray, the glass master, and the guest judge were sent home.

Episode 1 – The Evolution Will Be Televised


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Season 1 winner Deborah Czeresko joined the experts in the opening show to describe and assess the season’s first task. Contestants were required to make a piece of glass inspired by their own growth as an artist over the years. The goal was for them to reflect on their own travels and produce something meaningful to them that had helped them grow.

The competitors were given five hours to complete the assignment. Dan Friday won the challenge because to his technical skill. Claire Kelly, on the other hand, was the first competitor to be booted from the competition because the judges thought her painting was too basic.

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Episode 2 – Bottoms Up

The second task required competitors to create six items of drinkware, primarily glasses, suited for the drinks they were given. Some of the drinks for which the candidates had to design glasses were champage, mojito, Irish coffee, and milkshake. They were assessed by Veronica Saye, a special guest and cocktail champion.

The Blown Away participants were given four hours to complete their artworks. Minhi won the competition with her delicate yet inventive champagne glasses. However, Rob’s execution was not flawless, and he was sent home.

Episode 3 – 2022, The Year Of Glass

With the United Nations declaring 2022 “The Year of Glass,” participants and experts were joined by sculptor Chris Clarke. Participants were required to create works inspired by a glass breakthrough that made a significant effect in the world. They were given five hours to complete and showcase their finest work. Maddy was the third member to be removed from the season when her piece by John Moran failed to live up to the concept.

Episode 4 – Seven Deadly Sins


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In the fourth episode of Blown Away, participants were required to produce a work of art inspired by one of the seven deadly sins: wrath, greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, envy, and pride. Donna Davies, a well-known art historian, assisted them in overcoming the issue.

Grace not only won everyone over with her unique ASMR work, but she also secured a residence at Pilchuck Glass School. Brenna was rejected because her sculpture was comparable to that of glass artist Lino Tagliapetra.

Episode 5 – The Bigger The Better

This episode’s challenge was centered on going large. Briony Douglas, a visual artist, served as the guest assessor for the contestants. Participants were required to select little things such as chess pieces, caramel popcorn, and olives, among others. Then, for their contribution, students had to make life-size copies of the same using glass.

All of the components had to be at least 12 inches long, and the contenders had five hours and two assistance to accomplish the challenge. John Moran and Minhi astonished the judges and were the first double winners in the history of Blown Away. Grace’s painting, on the other hand, was not done cleanly, and she was therefore sent home.

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Episode 6 – Under The Big Top


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For the sixth task, contestants were to design a circus-themed work of art. Miranda Tempest, an aerial acrobat and circus owner, joined the contestants as a guest judge. Before the presentation, the glassblowers had four and a half hours to complete their sculptures. With his basic yet exquisite work, John Sharvin won the round. Trenton, on the other hand, was eliminated from the tournament due to minor errors.

Episode 7 – Team Work Makes The Dream Work

For this particular task, contestants had to work as a group. The round began with Dan Friday and Minhi, as well as John Moran and John Sharvin. The guest evaluators were Glass powerhouse partners Robin and Julia Rogers.

Teams had to find two synonymous terms that go together and combine them to form one piece. However, the two participants were required to work on distinct portions that would eventually become a single piece, which meant that they would all be judged independently. They had four hours to have their parts ready.

Dan and Minhi failed to impress the judges. However, after evaluating their performances, the judges determined that they both earned a chance to compete as individuals. Both teams went on to the next round.

Episode 8 – Out Of This World


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Dr. Marianne Mader, a space scientist, joined the Blown Away participants as a guest assessor. Participants were challenged to design their own space shuttle inspired by “the immensity, beauty, and awe of space.” They had four hours to finish the assignment. John Moran won the challenge by delivering the perfect exhibit. Dan Friday, on the other hand, lost the tournament due to blunders and cracks in his glass.

Episode 9 – Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

Season 2 champion Elliot Walker served as a guest assessor for the final task before the championship. Contestants were required to create a work of art inspired by their biggest fear. The three finalists had five hours and two assistants to finish their task. While John Moran had the most victories going into the finals, John Sharvin was ousted after failing to make the Top 2.

Blown Away Season 3 featured the contestants competing for a considerably larger stake in the tournament, hosted by former America’s Got Talent contender and prominent Science Youtuber Nick Uhas. The winner will not only receive a $60,000 cash award, but they will also receive a residence at the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass. John Moran and Minhi England advanced to the finals, where they faced a more difficult test. Keep an eye on this area to find out who won Blown Away Season 3 on Netflix.




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