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Westworld Summary Christina is almost certainly, yes.

This week’s fifth episode of Season 4 of Westworld devoted a lot of time on Christina and the truth about her reality. William is shown dining with a rich couple at the beginning of “Zhuangzi.” The talk is easygoing yet business-focused, and the atmosphere is upbeat. William leans in and tells them that he can do whatever he wants to either of them and that they don’t have the authority or control they believe they possess, breaking the friendly atmosphere.

William is called away by Clementine for an essential business before things become too tense. She leads him to an apartment complex that is covered in dead people. Once inside, they discover a bloodied lady yelling that she “won the game” and is deserving of a greater reward. William is told by Clementine that Hope was supposed to transcend before she was discovered pursuing an outlier—a phrase used on the program to describe unexpected people. She is calmly informed by William that as there are no rules in this new world, he is free to punish her for disobeying it. He returns to the same couple for dinner with whom he had previously threatened them and orders Clementine to take Hope “back to where she came from.”

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Christina returns to her job at Olympiad Entertainment after her date with Teddy. She starts writing a novel about a rancher’s daughter leading a quiet life in the country, which is eerily (yet predictably) similar to how we first encountered Dolores Abernathy back in Season 1. She is interrupted by her domineering employer Emmett, who demands that she immediately present her suggestion. As she begins to describe this person to him, Teddy calls and asks her to leave work as soon as she can.

Dolores-Hale, who has triumphed, takes pride in her extensive power. She keeps an eye on what is happening on a crowded downtown street and manipulates it to her advantage. A careless pianist blindly plays song after song, leaving parts of his fingers on the bleeding keys. Dolores-Hale commands dozens of unremarkable people to team up and dance on the sidewalks and streets for all time.

Westworld Summary Christina is almost certainly, yes.

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When William approaches her

He remarks on how odd it is that she is out and about. Dolores-Hale is frustrated and perplexed as to why her vision hasn’t advanced society as far as she had intended. She remarks, “They are experiencing God,” and orders the hosts to make a chair for her. The issue is that God is idle. She returns with William to the tower, where the body of Hope is draped over the edge of a tranquil pool.

Dolores-Hale is more concerned with the deeper significance of Hope’s peculiar conduct than William, who is troubled by it. She reveals that Hope killed herself after finding and disposing of the outlier with success. She claims that 38 hosts have died by suicide after coming into contact with these erratic individuals. Dolores-Hale shows her displeasure in William forcefully and holds him responsible for their most recent failures. She displays a photo of a fresh outlier and commands William to execute her.

Return to Christina as she meets Teddy. She becomes irate and wants to know his true identity and how he came to know so much about her. Teddy, however, reveals to her that what her stalker had said was accurate and that she was to blame for ruining his life. He informs her that this world is a deception and an illusion.

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Westworld Summary Christina is almost certainly, yes.

She doesn’t believe him

So he uses her to “make” two random ladies interact to convince her otherwise. Teddy urges her to modify the way they appear lonely once she notices it. It works, much to her amazement (but not ours). Then he declares that she is a deity (again, not that big of a bombshell). Teddy advises her to adhere to her loop in order to be safe. She departs to have lunch with a “old college roommate.”

When Stubbs, Jay, and crew penetrate New York City to find the same outlier William is searching for, subplots converge. Hope’s sobbing outburst in the first few minutes of the show makes sense since Dolores-Hale has turned finding outliers into a game.

The frequency from the speaker reverberates among adjacent hosts (so almost every pedestrian in their immediate neighborhood), forcing them to attack. William detects Stubbs’ group and activates the speakers around the city. William is able to get to the outlier first because of the terrible brawl that follows. Jay shoots him and leaves with the oddball before he has a chance to murder her.

Dolores-Hale, who poses as Christina’s lunch companion while disguising her inquiry into the matter as light conversation, will be there. Before she can divulge too much, Christina remembers Teddy’s warning and leaves right away. Christina looks up Charlotte Hale in the Olympiad character database when she gets back to work. A mismatch. But when she types Dolores Abernathy, she unintentionally sets off a summons for Emmett. She coerces him into giving up his doubts and leaving by using her power over her world.

Christina then accesses “the walled garden,” the same exclusive system Dolores-Hale had used, via entering Olympiad’s database. She understands that she is the storyteller for this entire globe.

Back to the host, William, who is considering his position and goal in life. William the person, who Dolores-Hale is still imprisoning, offers him advice. The genuine William tells his host-copy that Dolores-Hale doesn’t have to be the only person in this world. The latter returns his gaze while obviously considering disobedience.



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