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Jamie will perish in Outlander season 7 as the star drops “mortality” ‘Got to be a point’ hint

In the most recent season of Outlander, time-traveling husband Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and his wife Claire (Caitriona Balfe) battled for their lives on Fraser’s Ridge once again. The show’s star has made some unsettling comments about the future of his character as the ensemble gears up for the epic Starz drama’s seventh season.

Sam, a Scottish actor, has admitted that he regularly muses over the possibility of ending his role as the romantic Highlander. The Frasers have settled on Fraser’s in North Carolina and are now well into middle age as the story progresses.

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It could not be long until fans of Diana Gabaldon’s popular series have to bid a painful farewell to several significant characters, since just a few volumes remain to be adapted. Sam said, “I consider his mortality.” “I believe Jamie is considering that now a lot more,”

Once more, he isn’t concerned about dying, but in my opinion, it’s the effects of dying. Since Jamie’s spirit first appears in Claire’s original timeline, observing her, there has been a chance that he may pass away during Outlander. Claire has the ability to drastically alter the path of world history after she passes through the mysterious stones of Craigh Na Dun, as she and her spouse gain greater power.

Jamie will perish in Outlander season 7 as the star drops "mortality" 'Got to be a point' hint

Unfortunately, this has exposed the Frasers to an infinite number of historic dangers and may have tragically ended their romance. Sam said, “Look, he’s living these lives and he keeps losing them and surviving. I’m not saying anything here. There must be a purpose, right? “Even I am doubting this. Does he—can he—continue in this manner? I’m not sure.

“Jamie, he keeps bringing it up. I always have the impression that he is aware. He has witnessed death several times, therefore he is not frightened of it. Jamie is growing more conscious of his short time on Earth as the world becomes more perilous, despite Sam’s assertion that his character is fine with the prospect of dying.

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“I believe he may even notice the indications in his immediate surroundings and say, “Hmm. These occurrences continue. There isn’t much time left. At least nine of Diana’s novels have included Jamie and Claire, so hopefully, fans won’t have to worry about the Frasers passing away in the upcoming season.

But the authors of Starz’s Outlander series have already departed significantly from the books, so they could decide the Frasers should be forgotten.



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