How Old Was King David when He Died? When Samuel Made David King?

How Old Was King David when He Died: The Lord had given the prophet Samuel instructions to go to Jesse’s house in Bethlehem and anoint the future king of Israel. Because David was the youngest son in Jesse’s family, he was viewed as being inconsequential. Samuel’s father didn’t even make the effort to contact him.

But when Samuel thought of the seven older sons of Jesse, God hated them all. Samuel called David, who was out tending sheep when the prophet asked whether Jesse had any more sons, and anointed him. As in previous instances, God chose the unusual candidate (1 Samuel 16:1–13). David’s actual age is unknown at this time, however, we do know that he was a young child, perhaps between the ages of 10-15.

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How Old Was King David when He Died

How Old Was King David When He Died?

David, who was 30 when he became king and 40 when he reigned, was most likely between 70 and 71 years old when he passed away. David “died at a good old age, having lived a long life, money, and dignity” when the time came.

When Samuel Made David King, How Old Was He?

The Lord instructed the prophet Samuel to visit the home of Jesse in Bethlehem to choose the future king of Israel. The eldest boy in Jesse’s family was David. He wasn’t significant. Samuel’s father made no attempt to contact him to arrange a meeting. God, however, revealed that He didn’t desire any of Jesse’s seven elder sons when Samuel considered them.

The prophet enquired as to Jesse’s other sons. David, who was out tending to the sheep, was then called by Samuel. As is often the case, God picked the unlikely candidate. David was presumably between 10 and 15 years old at the time, however, we are unsure of his exact age.

How Old Was King David when He Died

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When David Fought Goliath, How Old Was He?

We learn more about David’s age at the time of his battle with Goliath from the Bible. Every day as the Philistines were battling Saul, their enormous Goliath taunted the Israelite army. However, none of the Hebrew troops had the courage to face Goliath by themselves.

David’s three oldest brothers were now engaged in combat on opposing sides of the conflict. To bring them food, David’s father dispatched him to them. David was furious after hearing Goliath’s haughty remarks. He declared to King Saul that he would take a stand and take on Goliath. Don’t be a moron, Saul informed him. You can never defeat this Philistine, I assure you. He’s been a soldier since he was a child, and you’re only a kid.”


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