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Does Captain Sandy of Below Deck Med approve of Natasha and Chef Dave’s boat romance?

Natasha Webb and Dave White, the stars of Below Deck Mediterranean, appear to genuinely float each other’s boats.

The bunkmates’ experience on the July 25 episode was very unpredictable because it turned out they had slept together on their last charter. Even though Natasha appeared to share some of Dave’s sentiments for the head steward this season, she made it plain that whatever occurs between them, stays between them. Dave also acknowledged that he still had love for the chief steward.

Natasha was understandably unhappy when Dave began to drop indications among the group that he and she were more than just friends. But Captain Sandy Yawn didn’t know any better. The veteran Below Deck Med performer actually admitted exclusively to E! News that it wasn’t until she rewatched the episodes that she realized Dave and Natasha had a love relationship.

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Does Captain Sandy of Below Deck Med approve of Natasha and Chef Dave's boat romance?

Sandy said, “I saw it for the first time when you saw it for the first time. “If I had been downstairs with them, I probably would have sensed that feeling, but I wasn’t. I was blind to it.” But the strict boss always put being “in work mode” first, she said. “Seeing who is vibrating with who is the last thing I’m searching for. As long as they respect one other and execute their jobs, I don’t really care.”

Even still, considering Natasha and Dave’s crewmates’ existing concerns, there may still be some boatmance drama this season. “I’m seeing her smile and be all jaunty about Dave, and then seeing Dave being so soft around her because he just melts into jelly,” Kyle Viljoen said.

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Additionally, despite their disagreement at the start of the episode on July 25 regarding Natasha’s desire for concealment, they quickly came to an understanding. Dave was weeping in bed one moment, and then inexplicably, for 30 minutes, he and Natasha were in the shower together (thanks to Below Deck Med’s producers for the time stamp!).

Bravo broadcasts Below Deck Mediterranean on Mondays at 8 p.m. Watch episodes on Peacock one week early.



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