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What Is the Tiktok Hamster Cult? Profile Picture with Hamsters Explained

Move over, Lana Del Rey cult, because a new TikTok cult has arrived. TikTok has been trending due to a hamster profile picture (pfp), and here’s why. Everything you need to know about the hamster cult can be found right here.

A new trend is sweeping TikTok, and people are divided about it. A new cult appears to have formed shortly after Lana’s fans took over the platform. This time, it involves people who adore hamsters and want to defeat the Lana cult. As bizarre as it may sound, this trend is sweeping TikTok.

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What Is the Tiktok Hamster Cult?

A hamster cult is simply a group of individuals who have changed their profile images to hamsters. One of the reasons is that these individuals intend to seize control of the Lana Del Rey cult. Others, meanwhile, wish to demonstrate their affection for the hairy creature.

What Is the Tiktok Hamster Cult? Profile Picture with Hamsters Explained

Lana’s cult caused mayhem on TikTok because so many users had changed their profile pictures to hers. Now, if you log onto TikTok, you will see thousands of users with hamster profile pictures. A zoomed-in image of a hamster can be seen in the image utilized by people. Fans have varied reactions to the fad. Some of them have fallen in love with it and have begun to follow the trend. Meanwhile, a few individuals are exhausted by TikTok cults.

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How to Join the Hamster Cults?

It’s easy to join this TikTok cult if you want to. You just need to change your profile picture to the one that everyone else has, which is the hamster. After this, you have to make sure you follow other accounts with the same profile picture.

So now you’re a member of the hamster cult. If you want to know what to do next, the answer is easy: nothing. People are quickly following the trend on TikTok, and people have also talked about it on Twitter. It looks like it will soon take over Lana Del Rey’s cult.



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