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That Strange “kill John Lennon” Trend on Tik Tok Is Broken Down

TikTok is home to a wide variety of strange content, including peculiar challenges, hilarious memes, and odd music. People are now filming their pets while playing a sound that says “Kill John Lennon,” but what exactly does this signify when played in the background of the video? Continue reading if you’re a little lost, and you’ll discover out why so many people find the challenge to be so hilarious.

The Kill John Lennon Trend Overtaking Tiktok

The most recent viral fad on TikTok is a pet challenge, albeit an unusual one. This craze involves pet owners video their pet’s reaction to a specific sound that says “Kill John Lennon.” The sound originates from Episode 2 of Season 14 of the American cartoon series South Park. In the episode, Butters wants to kill John Lennon, but what does this have to do with pets?

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The Tiktok Challenge Explained

John Lennon was a well-known English singer who was also a member of the legendary band The Beatles. If you’re not familiar with him, you should learn about him. On December 8, 1980, he was killed in the city of New York, where he resided, at his apartment. His murderer was a Beatles fan from the United States named Mark David Chapman, who shot him and ultimately caused his death.

That Strange "kill John Lennon" Trend on Tik Tok Is Broken Down

This is the background information; let’s move on to the TikTok craze. It is believed that if a person’s pet reacts negatively to the music, it is a sign that the individual harbors wicked intentions and wants to kill John Lennon.

That’s right, the trend on TikTok is completely worthless. Even though John Lennon has already passed away, there is still a certain amount of humor in the fact that a dog’s ears perk up at the prospect of killing John Lennon. This is despite the fact that the situation is utterly moot.

TikTok users are finding out that their pets are actually covert Russian sleeper agents, and the revelation is proving to be rather hilarious. This is true regardless of whether or not you grasp the joke.

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People Who Use Social Media Think It’s Funny

Twitter users have been reacting to the strange trend




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