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Onlyjayus Drama Explained: Tiktok Star Expresses Regret For Being Cancelled Due To Screenshots

After screenshots of their messaging appeared on social media, OnlyJayus, a popular TikTok user whose actual name is Isabella Avila, has publicly apologized. This eventually led to their being “cancelled,” as well. Here is what actually transpired.

After old texts from OnlyJayus’ texts appeared online, they were the target of cancel culture. People responded to it quickly, and many of them demanded an apology. Finally speaking up on social media, the content creator explained what had transpired. Social media users are still dissatisfied, though.

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Onlyjayus Drama Explained: Tiktok Star Expresses Regret For Being Cancelled Due To Screenshots

OnlyJasus Drama Explored

After a snapshot of OnlyJayus’ texts became online, followers reacted right away. Who they were speaking to is unknown. They supposedly had the chat seen in the image a few years ago.

The screenshot also reveals that OnlyJayus used the N-word throughout their exchange. Fans were outraged by this and demanded an apology. As soon as the screenshots were made public, they went to their TikTok’s comment area and demanded an explanation.

Many individuals questioned their silence in their remarks. Finally speaking up on social media, OnlyJayus. They posted an apology on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter while also considering what had transpired on all of their social media sites.


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Onlyjayus Apology Explored 

OnlyJayus eventually broke their silence after over four days of stillness. In a video, they confessed, “In the past, I have spoken foul things to people, and I am so ashamed of myself for using racist rhetoric and derogatory language to hate others because I knew what that word meant and I understood the power behind it, but I said it anyhow because it was the meanest thing that I could think of, and I am so sorry to everyone, but especially to those in the black community.”

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“Only you people can forgive me for this,” they continued. You folks deserve better, and there is no defense or justification for what I said. OnlyJayus claims they did not believe them were real at first after seeing the screenshot. They said, “I forgot how cruel and how furious of a person I used to be.”

The screenshots, according to OnlyJayus, “do not reflect who I am now.” In their last statement, they said that “some wonderful black creators who are going to tell their narrative and attempt to educate others on the pain that arises when we use this sort of language” will also be using the platform.




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