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Is Troye Sivan Married, as Tiktok References to Husband and Son Confuse Fans?

The singer responded to the track’s rapid popularity on TikTok by talking about his experience with an angel and his husband, who he said was the “inspiration” for the song. Fans quickly took to social media to find out if the artist was secretly married. What’s next? Troy claimed that his five-year-old son served as motivation.

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Explaining Troye Sivan’s Tiktoks

Fans are not to be blamed for believing that Troye is married in 2022; nevertheless, he is not in fact wedded at this time. On Thursday, April 6, the artist uploaded a couple of TikToks that were created just for the song Angel Baby that he had written.

He began by informing his audience that the music was still popular five months after it had been made available, and he was baffled as to why this was the case. In the subsequent TikTok, he said that the song is a fabrication and that he hasn’t had a romantic interest in anyone in a very long time.

Is Troye Sivan Married, as Tiktok References to Husband and Son Confuse Fans?

And in the subsequent TikTok, he expanded upon his narrative by inventing stories about his childhood and personal life that he shared with his audience. As a consequence of this, his supporters had a great deal of perplexity because they were unable to comprehend what the singer was doing.

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Musician Makes Fun of Husband and Son

If you haven’t seen the previous clips, you won’t understand Troye’s final TikTok about his husband and son. Simply said, all of his Angel Baby TikToks are made up of embellished tales. One of these tales is the visitation of an angel when the boy was eight months old, which provided the idea for the song’s title.

“When I was a baby, I sobbed, and my mother thought it sounded like an Angel,” he wrote in another TikTok. About that, I wrote “Angel Baby,” which is now available, ten years later. I’m hoping you adore it.

Troye’s most popular TikTok features the following caption: “This song was inspired by my husband and our five-year-old son, Andrejo. He was a baby once; he is now five. Andy, your father, and father love you!

Is Troye Sivan Married, as Tiktok References to Husband and Son Confuse Fans?

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Confusion Reaction from Fans

It took a bit for Troye’s fans who had only seen one of his TikToks about having a husband and son to realise it was a prank. Someone commented, “Wait, husband? Son? I’m so confused, omg. “What? husband? Who is the spouse? I have so many questions,” another person said.

“I feel like I’m seeing a time jump in an anime and I’m in that first ep where everyone is bewildered,” one follower said in response. Stop lying with me, please! Another person remarked, “Is he serious because I’m about to cry how did I miss this?.”



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