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Vocal Remover App: Top 5 Free Android Vocal Remover Apps, Check Here!

These days, smartphones have great capabilities. For instance, the vocals and instrumental tracks can be separated with lossless quality using your Android phone. However, it can be difficult to locate the best vocal removal software for Android due to the abundance of options on the Play Store.

The best vocal remover program should be easy to use, inexpensive, and compatible with the majority of video and audio formats. Therefore, this article offers numerous ideas to consider if you’re seeking for a voice removal program for Android that checks all these boxes.

SonicMelody: 4.5 out of 5

Any song may become a karaoke with the free vocal removal software SonicMelody for Android. Without lifting a finger, this program automatically extracts vocals from MP3 and other audio files using advanced AI capabilities. Users can separate bass, drums, keyboard, and other instrumentals in addition to voices.

Vocal Remover App: Top 5 Free Android Vocal Remover Apps, Check Here!

Along with these features, SonicMelody also includes an audio cutter, equalizer, karaoke recorder, audio joiner, and other utilities. Additionally, there are a number of apps, such TikTok, Starmaker, Make Popular, where you can instantly post your altered audio.

Karaoke MP3 Vocal Remover App – Rating/4.3

Another voice remover for Android is available here to assist you swiftly extract vocals and instrumentals from MP3 files. You may extract speech and acapella from MP3 and other audio files using this AI sound extractor. Disappointingly, the download button is a little glitchy. Additionally, the MP3 Vocal Remover App for Karaoke lacks the crucial audio editing features needed for chopping, combining, and conversion. But it’s still wonderful to have a free vocal removal.

SplitHit: 4.2 out of 5

Vocal Remover App: Top 5 Free Android Vocal Remover Apps, Check Here!

SplitHit is the third option for removing vocals from MP3s on Android. This app employs cutting-edge AI technology to losslessly extract vocals from songs. SplitHit splits bass, piano, guitar, and other instruments in addition to vocals. Additionally, this tool lets you record yourself singing along to the extracted file after removing the musical instruments. Overall, it’s the ideal software for practicing piano, singing, and other skills.

Vocal Remover for Karaoke – 4.0

Forget about the app’s poor Play Store rating; it actually does what it says it will very well. Any song format in your music library can be converted to karaoke with this program without sacrificing the output quality. This program lets you process song vocals and instrumentals into audio files after removing them from the music.

But before that, you can change the audio bitrate to fit your preferred method of music consumption. Unfortunately, there will be some issues with vocal extraction. Even worse, it leaves certain lyrics in tact. In other words, it only quietens the vocals.

EasySplitter has a 4.0 rating

Vocal Remover App: Top 5 Free Android Vocal Remover Apps, Check Here!

Finally, to extract voices, drums, bass, and instrumental tracks from any music, utilize EasySplitter’s AI vocal remover. You’ll appreciate a simple interface for music separation that effectively does its task without sacrificing quality. Songs that have been divided will be preserved under the Files History category so that you can easily retrieve your vocals and instrumentals. Overall, it’s a great app for students, writers, vocalists, and DJs.

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How to use the finest app for Android to remove the voice from a song

Let’s discover how to divide songs into vocals using SonicMelody to wrap out this guide. As previously stated, it’s an excellent karaoke maker app that supports the majority of audio formats on your phone. So without further ado, here’s how to use SonicMelody on Android to eliminate background music from a song:

Step 1: On your Android smartphone, install and launch SonicMelody. Next, establish an account. Next, agree to the terms and conditions of the app before allowing it access to your local files.

Step 2: Prior to selecting Submit, click the Plus icon to access local files and upload audio.

Vocal Remover App: Top 5 Free Android Vocal Remover Apps, Check Here!

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Step 3: SonicMelody will start dividing the vocals and instrumentation tracks of your song right away. The size of the input file affects how quickly it is rendered.

Step 4: After the song has been correctly divided, click the Share option to export it to Skype, TikTok, Messenger, and other Android apps.


And those are the several methods for removing the voice from a music in Android. Although utilizing a dedicated software is more practical, this has drawbacks including low-quality outputs and restricted file support. What’s worse, on other platforms like the iPhone, Mac, and Windows, you can’t isolate vocals. Use Online UniConverter Vocal Remover to ensure your safety.



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