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MyWisely App: An Android Application For Financial Wellness

24/7 Financial management: For owners of the three Wisely by ADP credit cards—Wisely Direct, Wisely Pay, and Wisely Cash—myWisely is a smartphone application. With the app’s simple finance capabilities, you can manage transactions, pay bills, and access other cardholder benefits. You have total control over your Wisely accounts at any time and from any location, and features include tracking your expenses and setting up savings plans. Trust that ADP will protect your private data and transactions.

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What bank is myWisely?

ADP, a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management solutions, founded myWisely. If you receive your payroll via a Wisely card, the digital banking app contains tools that let you manage your money, secure your assets, and establish financial objectives. You may easily access your account using this tool if you have an ADP card. You can locate ATMs, pay your bills, deposit checks, and transfer money.

The ability to see and download monthly statements distinguishes myWisely from other mobile banking apps. When it becomes accessible, you will be notified, and you will also get alerts for fund transfers, transaction approvals, and even low balances. MyWisely can be used by users who primarily rely on their salary for financial advise. You can set savings objectives and categorize your spending and purchases. MyWisely is highly safe while still being simple to use.

MyWisely App: An android application for financial wellness

Your account can only be accessed by you due to ADP’s strong security regulations. You must make use of the app’s fingerprint or facial recognition feature because it does not store passwords. Self-service protection is an additional security measure you can implement. To stop any illegal transactions, you can freeze your card or change the PIN on it at any moment. If your card is ever lost or damaged, you can use the in-app chat feature to disable it and get a new one.

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Spend and save prudently

MyWisely is the only app available to people with ADP accounts, but it provides all the functions you require and a clean UI. The software offers more than just financial functionality. Additionally, it enables you to safeguard your money wherever you are in the world and keep money for upcoming transactions.


Features for managing finances

security with two-factor authentication

SMS, text, and app push notifications


Only available to Wisely cardholders

Most of the Peoples review say that this is not good for finance concerned people and they should not try this.



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