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Is Facebook Going to Start Charging in 2023?

Is Facebook Going to Start Charging

Is Facebook Going to Start Charging: Creating an account on Facebook and using all of its features is currently free, and Instagram is also free. Both platforms, as well as WhatsApp, are owned by Meta, who this week unveiled some intriguing new subscription options.

Is Facebook Going to Start Charging 2023?

No, Facebook will not require a fee in 2023. But, you can pay a monthly fee to have access to other functions. Meta stated on Sunday (February 19) that the social media firm is testing a new paid feature called Meta Verified. The new subscription package includes account verification, security against impersonation, and access to enhanced visibility and assistance.

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It is supposed to make it easier for creators to “create a presence” online and “form a community” of followers, although participation is entirely voluntary. You can continue to use Facebook as you do now without paying a dime and without registering for Meta Verified.


Meta Verified is available for Facebook and Instagram for a starting price of $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on iOS and Android.

If you pay the monthly charge, you will receive the following:

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Where Is It Available?

Meta Confirmed is now only accessible in Australia and New Zealand. Mark Zuckerberg aims to bring Facebook to the rest of the world “soon” if it is successful. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and maintain a minimum level of activity. Afterward, you will be required to produce a government-issued ID that matches the name and photo on your profile.

Three months have passed since Elon Musk introduced Twitter Blue, which is effectively the same as the new feature. Twitter users can pay $8 per month or $84 per year to obtain a blue verified tick and additional premium capabilities, such as the ability to modify tweets. Since impersonators wreaked havoc on the platform, it was temporarily suspended just days after its introduction but was swiftly reinstalled.

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