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How to Use Widgetsmith on an iPhone or iPad to Create Widgets

How to Use Widgetsmith: Since the release of iOS and iPadOS 14, Apple has let you customize your iPhone and iPad Home Screen to suit your preferences. While the full customization options in iOS don’t come close to Android, you can now make a few different changes to make your Home Screen stand out, like adding widgets.

Widgetsmith is among the most popular iOS apps that allow you to create custom iPhone widgets. This article will show you how to use Widgetsmith to create your own widgets on iPhone or iPad.

Getting Started With Widgetsmith

The usability of Widgetsmith is one of its distinguishing features. The application simplifies the process by offering ready-made, editable templates. No doubt it is one of the greatest iPhone widget-creating applications. This makes it possible for nearly anybody, even non-tech-savvy individuals, to experiment with full-featured modification applications such as Scriptable.

Using Widgetsmith, you may construct a number of widgets. Photos, time, date, step-counting, health and activity, battery, calendar, reminders, astronomy, weather, air quality, and tides widgets are among the available categories. Unfortunately, Widgetsmith’s most impressive bespoke iPhone widgets, such as weather, air quality, pollen, and tides, are locked behind a $1.99/month (or $19.99/year) membership. Additionally, the membership grants access to various widget themes and disables in-app advertisements..

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To use Widgetsmith, you may need to enable the app access to your location, calendar, reminders, health, and images, among others. Open the app, navigate to Settings > App Privacy Rights, and then press Authorize on the permissions you wish to provide.

These permissions are required for the app to work properly. Remember that you are not need to provide Widgetsmith certain permissions if you do not intend to utilize a functionality that requires such data. If you do not intend to utilize the calendar widget, there is no need to provide Widgetsmith access to your calendar.

How to Use Widgetsmith

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How to use Widgetsmith For Widget

Creating custom widgets using Widgetsmith is a breeze due to the app’s intuitive user interface. Here is how to create a customized widget with Widgetsmith:

  • Open Widgetsmith after downloading it for free from the App Store.
  • To build a widget, tap Small #1, Medium #1, or Large #1 depending on the size you choose. Small square widgets fill the space of four applications. The medium widget is rectangular, whereas the big widget is square.
  • Tap [Image size] #1 to correctly rename your widget. This will allow you to distinguish between your own widgets readily. Since we will be utilizing the date widget as an example in this lesson, we will call our widget Date. Similar procedures apply to different widget sizes, so feel free to name your widget appropriately.
  • Next, tap Default Widget. The Widgetsmith website will bring you to the widget selection page. On this page, you may pick the widget type you wish to create and any of the available styles.
  • Choose a widget and its style with a tap. The Photos widget part is located at the top of the page; scroll down for more categories.
    To personalize your widget, tap Aesthetic / Theme at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select a predefined style and click the Customize Theme button to further customize your widget. You may modify the widget’s font, tint, background, and border colors, as well as its artwork.
  • Tap Save to conclude.
  • Widgetsmith will inquire if you wish to Apply Changes to the Theme or the Widget. Select your preferred option.
  • Select Save and then Back. Tap Save on the page for renaming the widget to conclude.




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