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FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3 Release Date: When is it going to be?

FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3 Release Date: Because to the removal of Icon Swaps 2 from FIFA 22, fans are already looking forward to the release of Icon Swaps 3, which will include the introduction of Prime Moments Icons. Icon Swaps is one of FIFA 22’s most accessible promotions, since it is open to players of all skill levels. It often consists of a few single-player goals centred on a certain type of team, and after a few hours, it rewards you with enough SBC fodder to last you for several weeks or enough icon packs to try your luck with.

FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3 Release Date

A very good and valuable icon card may be obtained for free by the more diligent and dedicated gamers if they put in the necessary hours. Some of the highlights from Icon Swaps 2 were a Prime Garrincha that received a 94 rating and a Prime Moments Cannavaro that received a 93 rating.

FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 3 Release Date

We don’t know a specific date for when Icon Swaps 3 will be released in FIFA 22, but we do have some indications. First and foremost, Icon Swaps 3 was released on May 10 of last year. To add to the confusion, FIFA 22 will be entering Season 6 of its experience system in less than a week, and Icon Swaps are normally refreshed around the time of a season update.

Third, leakers have discovered the fresh new pack prizes in the game code, indicating that the promotional event is likely to take place very soon. These three considerations indicate that we will most likely learn more about Icon Swaps 3 in the coming weeks, and that it will almost certainly include some of the finest prizes available in the game.

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