The Most Played Slots Games in History

Of all the games in casinos, people are most likely to play slots. Most brick-and-mortar casinos have at least part of their space for slot machines. The popularity of online slot games is even higher, estimated at 70% of all games for some casinos.

There’s a wide variety of reasons for their popularity. Slot games are easy to understand, with no prior knowledge required and instructions are displayed on the screen.

Improved access to the internet and the optimisation of games to mobile phones and personal computers have made them reachable with a single click or swipe. A wide variety of themes keeps them constantly entertaining.

Casinos also keep customers hooked to play slots with loyalty bonuses and one-off freebies. But undoubtedly, the biggest draw of slot games is that they allow even novices the opportunity to win big with little effort!

Indeed, some games have a history of making people rich. Some of these are below:

  • Megabucks – One of them is Megabucks, developed in 1986, which is the most popular slot game in history. It has made millions for some, with one anonymous software engineer said to have made a whopping$34.9 million playing slots in 2003.
  • Wheel of Fortune – Based on a game show, Wheel of Fortune is the second most popular game in history. The multiplayer game features a bank of machines, with each player allotted their own screen. Players can participate in bonus rounds together and its jackpot round is a real draw.
  • Lion’s Share – According to MGM Grand, which owned Lion’s Share, another super popular slot game, the game got played five times more than the average game. It became a draw in 2014 after it was revealed that its jackpot had gone undeclared for a whole 20 years, though it has been retired now owing to the high level of maintenance involved.
  • Mega Fortune – The indulgent online slot game Mega Fortune has, true to its name, made fortunes for players. The game, based on luxury cars, yachts and champagne, is said to have earned a Finnish player EUR 17.8 million in 2013.
  • Liberty Bell – The first ever mechanical slot machine, Liberty Bell was invented by car mechanic Charles Fey way back in 1895. It has been a long time since it was replaced by trendier modern machines, but the original is still on display at Liberty Bell Saloon in Nevada, USA.

A key reason for people’s desire to play slots is that while they are similar, there are different ways to enjoy each game. One variation has to do with the very mechanics of the game, where some versions are :

  • 3 coin bet: The Wheel of Fortune has a vibrant wheel at the top, with a 3 reel version being the most popular. A 3 coin bet allows players to qualify for a progressive jackpot, which has made multimillionaires of players.
  • Spin the wheel right: Mega Fortune qualifies players for a progressive jackpot when they get 3 or more bonus symbols on the wheel. They then get to spin a 3 layered concentric wheel, with a jackpot in the innermost wheel, in a way that allows them to access it.
  • Line up the symbols: Liberty Bell had a riot of symbols including horseshoes, stars, spades, diamonds, hearts, and Liberty Bells. The lucky player that hits 3 Liberty Bells in a single play line wins the top payout.

There’s a wide variety of themes that draw people to play slots as well. The entertainment of engaging actively in a fantasy world explains why so many innovative themes are developed regularly. Some of the popular ways these themes are played include:

  • Immersive Experience: Egyptians, Romans, Greeks…you name it and these age-old civilisations are found in slot games. The immersive experience allows players to feel a sense of adventure and satisfy cultural curiosity. But it’s not just ancient civilisations, Mega Fortune which allows a taste of the high life is also one such example.
  • Pop Culture: Both popular music and movies have inspired themes from bands like the Beatles to movies like Friday the 13th. The interactive element with some of their favourite entertainment makes for a doubly engaging form of slot games for players.
  • Attractive Themes: Leprechauns, animals and fantasy creatures are a nice reminder of childhood, that allows players to relive the nostalgia as adults. Starburst, for instance, ranks among the top 10 online gaming slots. Liberty Bell, with its range of attractive symbols, would be one of the originals in this regard.

With the growing popularity of online games, there’s a range of ways to play, adding to the option of brick-and-mortar casinos. The relatively recent onlineRainbow Riches Casino not just has a host of themes but also various ways to play slots. Themes like Raging Rhino and Zeus allow for indulging fantasies healthily and keeping entertained with simple but differentiated techniques.

It’s clear that slot games have come a long way since the development of the first mechanical slot machine in the late 19th century. Unlike other games, they do not call for practiced technique, yet have made fortunes for players over time. Notably, games like Megabucks and Mega Fortune have proven to be exceptionally lucrative on occasion.

They can be played in various ways like placing coin bets, spinning wheels and getting symbols in a line. These techniques are applicable to themes from ancient civilisations to pop culture, highlighting why people are so drawn to play slots.


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