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What is Textverified & How Does Textverified Work?


Textverified: The website Textverified was created as a phone verification service. By not disclosing the true number to strangers, it offers high-quality non-VOIP numbers that provide comfort when placing food orders and using carpool services.

The main benefit of this platform is that you can easily open a new social media account in only two minutes on any platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, and many others.

Text Verified App

The Textverified App description features SMS and text verification at your fingertips. To circumvent SMS and SMS verification, you must have a brand-new, non-VoIP US cell number. Support for all of your preferred applications. Our website and mobile app are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using our app to create an account and immediately begin enjoying our services.


How Does Textverified Work?

When you sign up for Textverified, you can use credits to access services without providing your phone number. We have authentic phone numbers from major U.S. corporations so that you can register quickly and easily. After selecting a service, you will have five minutes to confirm your account. If you fail to verify within the allotted period, your account balance will not be affected. Simple, correct?

Textverified is always acquiring fresh, dependable phone numbers in order to give you the most adaptable options. You can use our tooltips to determine if new numbers are available for a certain service or if all available numbers have already been used.

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In addition to keeping track of everything, you may obtain your verification history report. After a number is selected, it is removed from our system to ensure that no duplicates are utilized for each service request.

If you’re seeking a longer-term option, we can provide a number of rentals that you can use numerous times per service. If you plan to reuse a number for numerous verification processes, renting a number for an extended period of time is an excellent option.

Don’t let the fear of losing your privacy prevent you from using services requiring a phone number. With Textverified’s user-friendly verification services, text and SMS verification need not compromise your personal safety. Visit today to discover how our platform can help you.

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