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How to recover Snapchat Memories?

Recovering Snap Chat Memories: Snapchat is a trending social media platform that allows you to send messages, share photos, videos, and stories with your friends and followers. The interface is very beautiful to share the content and easily save the photos into the memories tab. These memories are only accessible to you and they will be stored in your local storage. They can be edited, viewed, sent, and downloaded to your device or you can also repost them.

How to recover Snapchat Memories
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How to recover Snapchat Memories?

Another wonderful feature about Snapchat is that the shared content disappears after some time. Even the recipient won’t be able to open and check it again. That is why Snapchat has been so popular with Genz and millennials.

Sometimes the Snapchat Memory can be lost if you accidentally delete it or if your phone gets factory data to reset. If you have happened to delete some of your precious memories on Snapchat accidentally then don’t worry.

There are some methods to get back your deleted Snapchat messages for free.

Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories?

You can easily recover deleted Snapchat memories by requesting your account data. All you have to do is go to the Snapchat My Data Page and login into your account. Scroll down and tap on the Submit Button. The Support Team will prepare an archive for your account. After 24hours you will receive a zip file containing your deleted memories to your registered email address.

Snapchat Memories recovery by iStaunch

Snapchat Memories Recovery done by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you recover deleted Snapchat memories for free. Just enter your Snapchat username in the given box and tap on the Recover button. It will automatically restore your memories to your account.

Turn on Sync With Google Drive.

Another safe way to recover your last Snapchat memories is to turn on the Sync on your Google Drive from the app. The data will be backed up regularly and even if you have deleted it you can still recover it anytime you want from the drive. Drive stores all backed up data on the cloud and these backups happen in Google Drive at regular intervals.


So this is all about recovering Snapchat Memories and their details. These methods will help you to get back to your favorite memories.

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