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What is Answer of A Pregnant Woman Goes to The Fridge Riddle

The “a pregnant woman goes to the refrigerator” joke is going around, so let’s figure out what it means. Many of us have a lot more time on our hands right now. As long as the lockdown lasts, we are turning to music, TV, and movies to keep us interested and busy. But more and more puzzles are showing up on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, which makes us want to use our brains.

Some have been figured out pretty quickly, while others look like they will be very hard to figure out. We’ve seen a few questions that don’t have a clear answer. Instead, they ask you to decide for yourself, and your answer may tell something about how you think.

On the other hand, riddles that have answers are more fun to solve. The pregnant woman going to the fridge riddle is the most recent one that is getting a lot of attention. So, let’s dive into it.

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A Pregnant Woman Goes to The Fridge Riddle

A pregnant woman leaves her room, walks to the fridge, and opens a can of tuna, a bottle of soda, a container of yogurt, and a cookie. What did she first open? Think about… do you understand it yet? Still haven’t got it? Well, let’s get it explained.

What is  Answer of A Pregnant Woman Goes to The Fridge Riddle

A Pregnant Woman Goes to The Fridge Riddle: Answer

She was the first to open the fridge door. Some people have said that she opens the door to her room first, but it doesn’t say that. It just says that she goes out of her room.

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By putting each food on its own line, it makes you think about what you would normally eat first. Some of the items, though, would require her to open the fridge, so it’s suggested that she does that first.

On the other hand, some people have said that she opens her eyes first, which is an interesting point of view since she would probably blink on her way from the room to the fridge.



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