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The Riddle Answer Of Two Mothers And Two Daughters

Brain-teasers are fun mental challenges, but they may leave you feeling confused, and this one has us perplexed. The ‘2 Mothers and 2 Daughters’ puzzle has several possible solutions, but they all lead to the same conclusion. If you’re having trouble conceptualizing, we’ll try to break it down for you…

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‘2 Mothers And 2 Daughters’ Riddle

in search of a test? Please try to solve this puzzle, but there is a catch! When two moms and their daughters went out to dine, each person ordered and consumed one burger, but the total number of burgers consumed was three. I can’t believe it. You can see if you’re right by scrolling down once you’ve guessed the solution.

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Explaining The Answer

In reality, there were three generations represented, including a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter. The’mother’ in this case is both the grandmother’s daughter and the daughter’s mother. That’s right; there are two moms and two daughters out to dinner. You must have figured it out, right?

The Riddle Answer Of Two Mothers And Two Daughters

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