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The Explaination of “7 Men Have 7 Wives” Riddle: This One Has Many Answers [Latest Update]

Answer to the 7 Men Has 7 Wives Riddle: 7 Men Have 7 Wives. There are 7 kids per man and wife. How many people are there in total? is trending on Facebook and Twitter as the newest brain teaser riddle. The total number of people must be determined in this puzzle. Many individuals from all around the world are distributing this mystery to their family members and friends and daring them to solve the 7 Men Have 7 Wives conundrum.

Therefore, in this post, we will solve this conundrum for you and give the right response to the riddle “7 Men Have 7 Wives.” Therefore, let’s begin.

7 Men Have 7 Wives Riddle

It’s possible to have a tendency toward boredom and pessimism. Because of this, everyone needs a respite from pandemonium. As a result, the riddles will encourage you to think more imaginatively, and you’ll enjoy yourself immensely while trying to figure out the solutions. The Riddles will appear more simple in general, but if you think about them carefully, you might find more interesting solutions.

The Explaination of "7 Men Have 7 Wives" Riddle: This One Has Many Answers [Latest Update]

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As a result, it serves as a barrier to all of your concerns and anxiety. Here, we’ve presented a variety of potential solutions to a well-known conundrum. Each of the seven wives that the seven men have has seven kids. How many people are there in total? For the solution to the riddle “7 Men Have 7 Wives,” continue reading.

Answer: ‘7 Men Have 7 Wives’

Do you believe you’ve solved the problem? The reply is, however,

399 or 63 or 21.

Depending on how you interpret the riddle, there are several alternative solutions, and no one can agree on which is the right one.

Below, you’ll find an explanation for each response.

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“7 Men Have 7 Wifes” Riddle Detailed

63 could be one solution, but how do you get there?

Therefore, 7 + 7 = 14 if 7 men have 7 wives, which indicates that each of them has one wife.

If each wife has 7 kids, there will be 49 total children.

After that, we add the wives’ and men’s offspring, arriving at 49 + 14 = 63.

63 persons in all are present.

But what if the response was 399? You didn’t get the question right; you just read it differently.

The number of spouses would be 7 x 7 or 49 if each of the seven guys had seven wives.

Then, we must include the seven guys, making the total 49 + 7 = 56.

Next, we must determine how many children there are, which is 7 × 7 x 7 = 343.

Next, we multiply the number of husbands by the number of children to arrive at 399 (343 + 56).

399 persons in all are thus present.

Or did you figure out that 21 was the answer? That may also be true.

If 7 males have 7 wives, it simply indicates that there are 7 people who are partnered, therefore 7 + 7 Equals 14.

In such case, 14 + 7 = 21 if each spouse has a child.

There are 21 people in total.

One of the more perplexing puzzles around is undoubtedly this one. Which solution do you believe is accurate?



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