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Rockstar Games Confirmed That GTA 6 is Leaked on Internet!

CNBC Business The newest installment of the hugely successful “Grand Theft Auto” game, which was hacked by hackers, was verified by Rockstar Games on Monday.

The release online of certain pictures and game-play videos allegedly from the eagerly awaited third “Grand Theft Auto” installment shook the video game industry.

The publisher of the video game acknowledged the authenticity of the film and the “network intrusion” that led to its publication on Monday morning.

The Upcoming Grand Theft Auto Was Shown in An Early Production Video

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto was shown in an early production video, according to a tweet from Rockstar Games. “We recently suffered a network intrusion in which an unauthorized third party fraudulently accessed and downloaded proprietary material from our systems,” the company said. We currently don’t foresee any interruption of our live game services or any long-term effects on the progress of our ongoing projects.

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Rockstar Games, a Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) company, expressed disappointment that part of the information was “shared with you all in this way,” but stated production on the game will continue and it looks forward to officially announcing the new game “when it is ready.” There is no set date for the launch of the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto” game.

There Is No Set Date for The Launch of The Upcoming “Grand Theft Auto” Game.

The all-caps statement on the homepage of the gaming forum GTAForums.com, where footage allegedly was initially made public by the hacker, asks visitors not to distribute or link to “leaked copyrighted data.”

Uber (uber) Stated in A Blog Post on Monday that It Considered Its Hacker

The compromise at the major gaming company follows a “cybersecurity incident” that Uber announced last week. Uber (UBER) stated in a blog post on Monday that it considered its hacker to be a member of the organization Lapsus$, which over the past year has attacked several significant companies.

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Rockstar Games Confirmed That GTA 6 is Leaked on Internet!

The same individual, according to reports over the weekend, violated Rockstar Games, a video game developer, Uber said in a statement on Monday. We are working closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice on this issue, and we’ll keep supporting their efforts.

When asked whether the hackers responsible for the leak were connected to Lapsus$, Rockstar did not react right away.



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