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Riddle Defined: At A Four-legged Table, How Many Legs Actually Are Under That Table?

Riddle Defined: At A Four-legged Table, How Many Legs Actually Are Under That Table?

The four-legged table riddle is not to be trusted. See our helpful explanation for how to complete this challenging teaser. We’re all spending a lot more time at home than we normally do because the world is currently on almost complete lockdown.

We are all now forced to come up with means of amusement for ourselves as a result. While many people use services like Netflix and Disney+ to pass the time, some people find that participating in puzzles, challenges, or brain teasers is a more entertaining option.

The four-legged table enigma is one of the most recent puzzles to appear online, but what is the precise solution to this perplexing issue?


At A Four-legged Table Riddle

One grandmother, two mothers, two daughters, and a grandchild are seated at a table with four legs. Under the table, how many legs are there?

How many legs are there in total if that looks like a lot?

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Answer: At A Four-legged Table

The table has a total of ten legs. Your question, “How is this the case?” Let’s explain, then.

The table is the first clue that there are at least four legs present, but the true question is how many people are seated around this four-legged table. When first read, there appear to be six persons, but there are actually only three. As a result, there are six extra legs, making a total of ten.

There are several mothers and daughters seated around the table since we have a grandmother (a mother), her daughter (both a mother and a daughter), and her granddaughter (a daughter and grandchild).

If the three women are seated on four-legged chairs, you might also claim that there are 22 legs under the table, but the riddle just specifies that the women are there, not necessarily seated.

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