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Pokemon Go Battle Day: How To Use The 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks? [Complete Guide]

There is timed research that will be valuable to complete during the Pokemon Go Battle Day featuring Mankey, which is now available worldwide.

As of the start of the day on June 18, 2017 Research projects with a military focus can be started and finished.

What we’ve learned so far about today’s research chores is as follows; the most challenging of these is undoubtedly studying Supereffective Charged Attacks.

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Pokemon Go Battle Day Mankey Rewards

Pokemon Go Battle Day

Niantic has announced the four challenges that may be accomplished on the Pokemon Go Battle Day, which will take place on June 18. Mankey, the pig monkey Pokemon, is the focus of today’s special event, and there are a variety of rewards to be had if you act quickly.

Mankey will definitely show up as a bonus encounter if you do this. If you evolve your Mankey during the event, you’ll have access to a Primeape who can use the Charged Attack Cross Chop.

As was already mentioned, the Timed Research accessible on Pokemon Go Battle Day will be a major lure due to the perks it provides in terms of XP, Rare Candy, Bea-Style Gloves, and an Elite Charge TM. Bea-style Gloves are one of the rank 20 rewards, although Trainers who already have them will not get another set.

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The Definitive Guide to Use the 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks:

All the assignments for today’s Battle Day Timed Research are detailed at the end of this piece. Trainers face a number of difficulties when it comes to Battle Day, one of which is the difficulty of successfully executing 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks.

The first step is to learn which Pokemon Types have access to extremely powerful attacks. Luckily, Niantic has provided a guide on the topic, which you can watch in its entirety down below.

Using the proper Pokemon against the right opponent and accumulating the necessary energy to perform a charged attack are essential steps after selecting a combination of Pokemon you believe will have the best chance of completing a supereffective Charged Attack.

If you look at the on-screen instructions during combat, you can tell if an attack is powerful or weak. The opposite is true as well: weak strikes are not very effective while strong ones are devastating.

For instance, if you’re up for the challenge, you can pull off the optimal sequence by using Fire-type attacks, which are Super Effective against Grass-types. Example: “Alolan Marowak, a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon often seen in Great League matches, can presently learn Fire-, Fighting-, and Ghost-type Fast Attacks and Fire-, Ground-, and Ghost-type Charged Attacks.

Defeating an Alolan Marowak is difficult, therefore it’s not surprising that many rival teams feature Water, Ground, Rock, and Ghost-type Pokémon. A Rock-type Pokémon would take massive damage from an Alolan Marowak that knows Fighting- or Ground-type moves, like Rock Smash or Bone Club.

Your opponent may think twice about sending out a Dark-type Pokémon if they know that your Alolan Marowak can use the Fighting-type attack Fast Attack Rock Smash.

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Preparedness Analysis for the Battle of June 18

Pokemon Go Battle Day

  • Task One: Battle in Battle League five times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Two:: Battle in Battle League 10 times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Three: Use 10 Super Effective Charged Attacks – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Task Four: Power up Pokemon 10 times – Reward is 7,500 XP
  • Completion Bonus: Rare Candies, An Elite Charged TM, With Bea-Style Gloves.




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