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Daily Nerdle July 05, 2022 Best Progressing Moves, Instant Answer!

Nerdle, the latest brainteaser, appeals to those who want a numerical version of the viral popular game Wordle.

Richard Mann, a British data scientist from London, created the numbers version of the popular puzzle game after his 14-year-old daughter expressed interest in a Wordle for “maths nerds.”

People have been reporting their Nerdle results on Twitter, much as they do with Wordle, since it first appeared last month.

The New York Times just purchased Wordle, which was established by British software engineer Josh Wardle.

What are the Nerdle rules?

Daily Nerdle July 05, 2022 Best Progressing Moves, Instant Answer!

There are eight “letters” in total.

A “letter” is one of the 0123456789+-*/= characters.

1.A “word” must be a mathematically accurate calculation, hence it must have one “=”

2.The number to the right of the “=” is nothing more than a number.

3.Calculate * and / before + and – in the standard order of operations.

4.Order is important. 20+10=30 isn’t close enough if the solution is 10+20=30.

How to make progressing moves

After the first two movements, reorienting your assumptions around the symbol “=” is a good idea. When you’ve locked on a “green” =, you can focus entirely on the left-hand side. Figuring out the appropriate order would be a simple by the time all of the characters on the left had turned purple or green.

If the player received three solid greens in a row in the finishing part of the solution, i.e. the mystery equation’s “answer” part. Furthermore, the “green” and “black” comments provide details on all conceivable combinations that could make up the “green” answer numbers in the solution.

The player’s second guess, however, was just a partial hit since, while they correctly guessed all of the equation’s components, their order deviated from the immutable solution equation. However, because it was still early in the game, the player was able to find the correct order of characters in the equation by quickly shuffling the purple numbers.

Today’s Nerdle Answer:

194 / 97 = 2



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