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Is Cuphead Online Multiplayer? Dlc Remote Co-Op Play Guide

When you give your friend a second controller to play Cuphead with you, the shoot ’em up becomes even more enjoyable. The subject is then raised in a time when playing games online has been the norm for all games. Does Cuphead offer online co-op or multiplayer? Is there more than simply new content included in the newly released DLC? Here’s what we do know.

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Play Cuphead Online Co-Op Game: The Delectable Last Course

There is no general internet co-op gameplay in The Delicious Last Course, so let’s get that out of the way now before you get your hopes up. Actually, Cuphead doesn’t include any online multiplayer at all, let alone in the DLC. While some gamers are fine with it, others are not. But if you’ve played Cuphead, you might have noticed that The Delicious Last Course doesn’t offer any online co-op.

Is Cuphead Online Multiplayer? Dlc Remote Co-Op Play Guide

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Steam Remote Play is the only way you could possibly play a game with a friend online. Naturally, PC users only have access to this through Steam. The game itself does not aim to support online co-op, at least not at this time. Local co-ops are supported by it. You can therefore invite a friend over if you still want them to participate in the fun. Both the local co-op capability and Steam Remote Play will be covered in detail.

Is Cuphead Online Multiplayer? Dlc Remote Co-Op Play Guide

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Playing Cuphead Co-Op Online

Through Steam Remote Play, you may play Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC multiplayer co-op online for PC.

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It does function because the game supports Remote Play on Steam. The game and DLC must be purchased by someone, and that person must start the game, launch the Steam overlay, and send a remote co-op invitation to a friend on their friend’s list. Visit the Remote Play page for further details. Parsec is another solution if Steam Remote Play doesn’t function.



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