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“i Had £13″Riddle Answer: How Many Pounds Did They Have?

"i Had £13"Riddle Answer: How Many Pounds Did They Have?

Check out the most well-known I Had £13 Puzzle Answers And Explanations below. The I Had £13 Riddle is a well-known and humorous riddle that people like thinking about the solution to. Continue reading to get an engaging response and justification to refresh your memory.

I Had 13 Pounds…

It is also known as the “13 Pound Riddle,” and it is a highly intriguing riddle. The solution to this puzzle is provided below along with a detailed explanation. It can be challenging to solve this puzzle because it essentially combines arithmetic and English. You must determine the amount of money you have after the calculation in this $13 riddle.

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Riddle: I had $13.00 in British pounds. I received £10.00 from my mother and £30.00 from my father. I received £100,000 from my aunt and uncle. I still had £5.00 in my pocket. Which amount did I have?

“I Had £13” Riddle Answer Explained

The “I have £13” puzzle has an £18.00 solution.

The guy starts out the puzzle by declaring they have £13.00. They received a total of £140.00 in gifts from family, yet they end up indicating they still have £5.00.

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This is surprising given that the question is actually asking how much money they had, not how much they received. Before their family provided them with money, it is known that they had £13 and an additional £5.00.

So, £18.00 is the correct answer.

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