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Hoenn Collection Challenge: How To Catch A Bagon Pokémon Go

The ongoing Pokémon Go Hoenn Collection Challenge encourages players to capture many third-generation Pokémon, including the elusive Bagon. Bagon has always been a difficult Pokémon to find: in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, it can only be discovered in the wild in one specific chamber in Meteor Falls.

Bagon, thankfully, is not as difficult to locate in Pokémon Go. While finding this rare Dragon-Type may take some time, those that check the game frequently should ultimately strike gold.

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Where Can I Find Bagon In Pokémon Go?

Defeating one in a one-star raid fight is the quickest way to capture Bagon in Pokémon Go during the Hoenn Collection Challenge. Because raids spawn at random and without warning, you’ll need to keep an eye on the game to see if any Bagon arrives in raids in your vicinity. Examine all neighboring gyms to discover whether any raids are currently taking place or are soon to begin.

It may be advantageous to utilize a Remote Raid Pass in order to avoid physically going to a gym that offers a Bagon raid. Bagon may spawn at random in the wild as well. This, however, is more difficult to forecast and may take a bit more time than merely turning on your phone every hour to check for local raids.

How To Catch A Bagon Pokémon Go

Best Counters For Bagon

To catch a Bagon from a raid, you must first defeat it in a Pokémon fight. The faster you defeat it, the more PokéBalls you’ll have to try to catch it with. The good news is that Bagon, being a one-star raid, should be reasonably straightforward to defeat for single players if you’re sufficiently leveled up. To defeat Bagon before you have the chance to catch it, use Fairy, Ice, and Dragon techniques.

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Bagon is one of the more difficult Pokémon to obtain in the Hoenn Collection Challenge, but if you check the game regularly enough (and live close enough to a few gyms to spot a one-star raid), you should be able to capture this uncommon Dragon-Type Pokémon.




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