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GTA 6 Leaked: Early Footage and Screenshots Of Grand Theft Auto VI Have Been Leaked Online!

The assets for Grand Theft Auto VI, including pre-alpha footage and a plethora of pictures, leaked onto public forums early on Sunday morning.

A hacker going under the handle “TeapotuberHacker” claims to have stolen the assets from Rockstar’s servers, along with “GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets” and a “GTA 6 test build.”

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The films feature a man protagonist firing what appears to be an AK-47 at passing police cars and a female protagonist walking into a strip club, both of which are firsts for the series. In another clip, the two protagonists are seen collaborating during a heist of a diner.

The hacker reportedly looked through the source code for anything else requested by GTAForums members before the dumps were public. One of the purported demands came from a defendant in a lawsuit against Take-Two, and it concerned any mention of the case.

The hacker revised their initial post as word spread on social media to invite any workers of Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive to write them about a potential transaction.

At the end of a blog post on Rockstar’s official website in February, the status of Grand Theft Auto VI’s development was revealed. The leak has not been addressed by either Rockstar or Take-Two in an official capacity as of this writing.

The poster going under the name “TeapotuberHacker” claims responsibility for the unrelated Uber breach late last week and threatens to “release more material soon,” which might include the source code, assets, and testing builds for both GTA V and GTA VI. How exactly they received the film is unclear.

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GTA 6 Leaked

A female playable character has been shown in some leaked footage of GTA VI, which is consistent with past reports. Earlier this year, Bloomberg said that the female protagonist of Grand Theft Auto VI would be inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, the leak has been confirmed as authentic by his contacts at Rockstar Games.

The videos are currently being shared on various online gaming communities and social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. A YouTube video depicts a female playable character named Lucia robbing a restaurant while holding patrons hostage. Numerous bits of placeholder text and obvious hotspots where the game engine is detecting things indicate that this is certainly unfinished gameplay.

According to sources, the game is set in a fictionalized version of Miami, similar to GTA: Vice City from 2002, and another film depicts a playable character on the “Vice City Metro” train. A separate clip features a talk by the pool that is reminiscent of dialogue between non-player characters in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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GTA 6 Leaked

The development build can’t be older than two years, but some of the footage looks like it’s running on RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 cards, so the exact age is unclear. More videos showcase GTA VI on PlayStation 4’s revamped NPC interactions, user interface, and animations, as well as Rockstar’s in-house debugging tools.

These videos reveal early and unfinished builds and testing of several areas of GTA VI’s development, despite the game’s delay of at least two years. The widespread leak of a Rockstar Game is not unprecedented. After leaking information about Red Dead Redemption 2 before its release in 2018, Trusted Reviews was obliged to contribute over $1 million to charity and issue an apology.

We have contacted Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, for comment on the leak and will let you know as soon as we hear back. It appears, however, that Take-Two has begun requesting that YouTube remove content including video of Grand Theft Auto VI. While many videos are still accessible online, some have the message “This video is no longer available owing to a copyright claim by Take 2 Interactive” added to them.



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