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Controversy Over the Minion Rush 911: Real or Fake?

The most talked-about subjects on social media shift quickly, but the Minion Rush 911 issue currently seems to be dominating Twitter. Twitter users are unsure if it is real or phony.

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What Is the Minion Rush 911 Controversy?

The tweet read: “In 2013, The Minions became a topic fraught with controversy when it was discovered that dialing 911 with the game Minion Rush installed on your phone would result in hearing the siren minion instead of the voice of an operator.

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Later, the same user added: “This is said to have caused over 14,000 deaths across the US until a patch was published that eliminated the Easter egg.”

Is the Minion Rush 911 Controversy Real or Fake?

The Minion Rush 911 saga is untrue.

It appears like we have been trolled. This Reddit thread claims that the Twitter account that made the controversy-related message is a spoof account. Online, there is no proof that the incident actually took place, and if it had, we believe the entire Minion series would be facing serious legal issues. The ‘controversy’ certainly perplexed a lot of people, and several of them asked on Twitter if the entire event was real or not.

Controversy Over the Minion Rush 911: Real or Fake?



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The comment section is killing me, y’all, not everything you see on the internet is true, xD,” one user tweeted. “OH WAIT THIS IS A JOKE PLEASE MY BRAIN TURNED OFF,” another user said.



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