Winning Time Season 2 Release Date: When Will the New Season Return?

Winning Time Season 2 Release Date: Despite criticism from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for being “drearily dull” and Magic Johnson for portraying the era dishonestly, HBO has renewed the sports drama Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty for a second season. Following the success of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, owner Jerry Buss (John C. Reilly) purchases the young club and hires Michigan State graduate Earvin “Magic” Johnson (Quincy Isaiah) as the team’s star rookie.

The fictitious show, based on Jeff Pearlman’s book Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s, follows the important Lakers players and personnel on and off the court.

The behind-the-scenes drama doesn’t stop with real-life player responses; the hiring of Reilly allegedly destroyed director and producer Adam McKay’s long-time relationship and business partnership with Will Farrell, who had been in discussions to play Buss. Despite this, the program has received excellent reviews from reviewers and fans, as well as a weekly increase in viewing. Everything we know about Winning Time Season 2 is shown below.

When Will Winning Time season 2 Be Released?

The second season of Winning Time has no set date for release. But given the relative quickness of the renewal, Winning Time should be back soon. Release in March 2023 would keep the program on schedule. HBO programs, especially those with large casts like Westworld or McKay’s other popular program Succession, can take a little longer to return between seasons.

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Winning Time Season 2 Release Date

Winning Time Season 2 Plot

The first season, which focuses on the Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar era of Lakers history, will end on May 8, 2022. Despite the second season’s renewal, the creative team hasn’t made it clear what will be covered in it. However, it’s likely that they will continue the franchise’s story where the first season left off. Francesca Orsi, EVP of HBO Programming, said the following when the renewal was announced:

It has been a thrill to work with Adam McKay, Max Borenstein, our outstanding production team, and this outstanding cast to bring Winning Time to life. In addition to chronicling the Lakers’ ascent, this series also looks back at a pivotal time in basketball history, celebrity culture, and Los Angeles as a whole. We eagerly anticipate how this team will write the next chapter in its illustrious history.

Who in The Cast Is Returning for Winning Time Season 2?

The majority of the Winning Time cast will be back for Season 2 because of how significant several key players are to the true tale. John C. Reilly, who portrays team owner Jerry Buss, will therefore be donning his aviator sunglasses and flashy suits once more. Along with Quincy Isaiah (Magic Johnson), Jason Clarke (Jerry West), Gaby Hoffman (Claire Rothman), Solomon Hughes (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), and Adrian Brody (Pat Riley), more appearances from these actors are to be anticipated.

Expect to see more of Red Auerbach, the evil Boston Celtics coach, played by Michael Chiklis. Basketball fans of all levels can attest that this rivalry only gets more intense over time. There are some Season 1 characters you won’t see much of in the upcoming season. Sally Field won’t probably appear in Season 2 because Jerry Buss’s mother Jesse passed away at the end of Season 1.

Coach Jack McKinney’s on-screen counterpart Tracy Letts will primarily be a one-season character. Since his troubled Laker Spencer Haywood character left the team, the same is probably going to be true of actor Wood Harris. Similar to how new cast members will unavoidably be added to play new players who join the team.

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Winning Time Season 2 Release Date

Winning Time Season 2 Trailer

Nope. It will be some time before we see a trailer for Winning Time as Season 1 just ended and Season 2 work hasn’t begun. You’ll have to create your own trailer using Lakers clips from YouTube for the time being.


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