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“The Umbrella Academy Season 3” The Character of Elliot Page Coming Out as Trans for Viktor

In the second episode of Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy,” Elliot Page’s character, formerly known as Vanya, comes out as transgender and identifies himself as Viktor. The transition is elegant and charming, and it relates to a significant story line from Season 2 that continues into the just released third season on Netflix.

In the second season, Viktor began dating Sissy (Marin Ireland), who was married to another guy. Season 2 concluded with Viktor having to leave Sissy and her son Harlan in order to return to his time period, but Season 3 continues to feel the ramifications of this connection.

Viktor looks up what happened to Sissy between the time he left her and the present, and discovers that she passed away. The program then rewinds to a touching scene between the two protagonists.

Viktor wipes away his emotions and continues wandering around Hotel Oblivion (a significant location in Season 3) as he comes by a barbershop displaying several old-fashioned men’s hairstyles in its storefront. We then hear Sissy’s narration.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Trans for Viktor

She is overheard stating, “You don’t even realize the box you’re in until someone comes along and lets you out.” The suggestion is that Sissy assists Viktor in discovering his actual self, which he is now accepting by living as Viktor Hargreeves.

Viktor receives a close-cropped haircut and approaches his brothers, who comment on the haircut but then move on to other topics. When Diego (David Castaeda) refers to Viktor as Vanya, though, Viktor responds, “Uh, it’s Viktor.”

‘Who is Viktor?’ Diego is confused and asks questions

After giving him a knowing glance, Viktor says, “I am. “Is it an issue for anyone?” Viktor inquires after a brief silence. ” Brothers Five and Six said they’re “really pleased for him,” with Five noting he’s “very thrilled.” When Viktor informs Luther and Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) that he’s gay, their emotions are quite favorable, and this is further mirrored in Luther and Allison’s replies.

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