Transformers Earth Spark Review: An Exciting and Revitalized New Form

There have been a number of Transformers adaptations throughout the years, ranging from live-action movies to animated shows. Obviously, the classics still hold up, but later interpretations of the characters have been more hit or miss.

Transformers: EarthSpark is a surprisingly fresh and enjoyable take on a classic subject, with much for veteran fans to love as well as welcoming, contemporary characters, and language that feel like a new approach for characters who deserve to reach a younger audience. And the highlight? Everything works.

Opening Shot

A shot of the full moon pans down to reveal a robotic spider with its abdomen in the air as two vehicles approach a cargo area containing stolen goods and two Decepticons observe their Energon prey.

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The Gist

Robby and Mo Malto (Sydney Mikayla and Zion Broadnax) have recently relocated from Philadelphia to the little Pennsylvania town of Witwicky. With their mother Dot (Benni Latham) beginning her “dream career” there, it is difficult for them to adapt.

Dr. Alex Malto (Jon Jon Briones) attempts to use comedy to help his children adjust, and he enjoys talking about Transformers, but Robby is ultimately upset about the relocation and hurt that he had to leave his pals behind.

Robby flees his home on his bicycle after an argument with his parents, with Mo close behind. As Mo attempts to convince Robby to return home, he and Robby encounter the same spider-like robots from the beginning of the show and narrowly escape a semi-truck explosion. They fall into a ravine and decide to return home, but then discover a glowing cave nearby.

Upon further investigation within, they discover a strange rock that provides them with cyber-sleeves. Then, they witness the birth of two robot-like beings: Twitch (Kathreen Khavari) and Thrash, two new Transformers known as Terrans.

The pair is bonded to Robby and Mo and represents a brand-new type of being that has never existed before in the world, not even on Earth after the Cybertronian war. Now that Robby and Mo are bonded to the Terrans, they must work together to protect the world alongside their mentor Bumblebee (Danny Pudi) – and avoid those who would use their powers for evil.

Transformers Earth Spark Review

What Shows Will It Remind You Of?

Strangely, this iteration of Transformers resembles Digimon in that the protagonists find their “partner” bots and interact meaningfully with them. It is also comparable to all of the franchise’s younger incarnations and reboots of other popular series based on classic toy lines. Obviously, it feels similar to the well-known Transformers films, but “buddy” anime like Pokémon feel even more similar.

Our Take

Transformers may occasionally take themselves too seriously. This is scarcely an issue, as we observe familiar personalities through an entirely new perspective. Instead of depending on the same tiresome old Transformers origin tale and Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots, a brand-new cast of protagonists and the Terrans are introduced.

For a series aimed at a younger audience, EarthSpark is not afraid to include lots of content that may be enjoyed by viewers of any age, and it avoids antiquated terminology and attempts to be “cool.” It’s easy to understand Robby’s desire to return to his old home, and it’s fascinating to see Twitch and Thrash adapt to their new surroundings. They are kind and protective, and they appear to be a member of the Malto family at first glance.

Even more intriguing is how the Autobots and Decepticons have banded together to combat a common foe: the waves of assaulting adversaries and the enigmatic “Mandroid” (Diedrich Bader), who reportedly want to become a Transformer/human hybrid. These perspectives are rarely addressed, and this series is often about the Decepticons causing problems for the Autobots, so another plot in which they work together is a dream, and EarthSpark is thrilling in several ways.

In addition, there is so much humor intermingled with terrific animation, interesting writing, and so much Transformers knowledge for series aficionados to absorb that it is a must-see even for casual fans…or for children who are curious about the excitement around this legendary action figure-to-show product.

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Parting Shot

Dr. Malto is hiding in the family minivan in anticipation of a Decepticon attack when his favorite Autobot, Bumblebee, appears. Dot rejoins her family, and Bumblebee receives a new mission to train Twitch and Thrash while under the protection of the Malta family. Bumblebee and Dot arrive at the family’s home in Bumblebee, while Robby and Mo climb to the roof for a tender moment before declaring that they actually enjoy living in Witwicky.

Transformers Earth Spark Review

Sleeper Star

Rory McCann gives Megatron his signature voice. While the Decepticon may sound evil and frightening, McCann infuses the character with warmth and wry humor, making him playful with Dot and even a source of laughter. He is by far one of the most outstanding performers, as he is utterly charming in his role.

Most Pilot-y Line

More than a single line is required to adequately describe the pilot-like language in the first episode of Transformers: EarthSpark. You must hear the beginning exchange, which goes as follows:

What is that object? Elita One asks Optimus following a second encounter with the spider-like robots. “I’ve never seen technology like that. Optimus says, “This is not Cybertronian, yet we appear to be its objective.”

“Do you believe it has anything to do with those rumors? Elita One answers. “About the disappearance of Decepticons? Perhaps,” says Optimus. “I fear that there is more to it than meets the eye,” is a potential implication. Yes. They traveled there. It may be cringe in other contexts, but it fits perfectly here.


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