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The Walking Dead Season 12: Will There Be a New Season in 2023?

A post-apocalyptic horror television series from America is called The Walking Dead. It was conceived by Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, and Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead comic book series is the basis for the television program.

In the series, “walkers,” or zombies, constantly threaten to assault the survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they struggle to survive. As a result of the collapse of modern civilization, these survivors are forced to interact with other human survivors who have created organizations and communities with their own systems of rules and morals, which can occasionally result in open hostility amongst them.

Additionally, the show has already had eleven seasons produced. The final season of The Walking Dead will be revealed soon, according to AMC. The next season of the television show, Season 12, maybe its best yet, according to AMC.

Recap of Season 11

The average 18-49 rating for The Walking Dead’s 11th season is 0.46, with 1.79 million viewers. That represents a 54% decrease in the demo and a 41% decrease in viewers in the live+same day ratings compared to season 10. (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM).

the walking dead season 12

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Even if these figures don’t account for additional delayed or streaming viewing, they are nevertheless a very reliable predictor of a show’s performance, especially when compared to other programs on the same channel. Other economic reasons may also play a role in a show’s demise, although in general, the shows with greater ratings are kept on while those with lower ratings are canceled. Compare The Walking Dead to other AMC television programs to see how it compares.

The Walking Dead Season 12 Cast

Here is a list of the prospective cast members for the forthcoming Walking Dead season.

  • As Hershel Rhee, Kien Michael Spiller.
  • Aaron is Ross Marquand.
  • Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Gracie, played by Anabelle Holloway
  • As Maggie, Lauren Cohan.
  • As Carol, Melissa McBride.
  • Khary Payton portrays Ezekiel
  • As Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus.

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The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date

the walking dead season 12

Season 12 of The Walking Dead has not yet been formally confirmed by AMC. The new season’s release date has not yet been scheduled as of September 2022.

The Walking Dead Season 12 Plot

According to sources, the entire story revolves around Maggie’s crew, who manage to cling on despite what appear to be overwhelming odds when facing Pope’s people. Negan supports self-preservation and accepts the chances as indicated.

Maggie is now not returning home empty-handed, though. The scenario of Elijah’s sister’s excellent friend, who is currently a zombie as a result of the Reaper invasion of Meridian, as well as stoking her heart.

the walking dead season 12

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Mags yearns for revenge. Elijah does as well, requesting first dibs on eliminating “the one.” That’s probably Pope. In addition, Negan suggests one scenario: Maggie must consider them and stop plotting his death.

For some reason, Maggie is inspired to come up with a diabolical plan: steal the entire playbook of the Whisperers rather than just a page after seeing the hairy hiker Negan refers to as “Blackbeard.”



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