The New Cast and Characters in Season 6 of ‘Big Mouth’ on Netflix

Big Mouth has a lot of amazing aspects, from poignant musical performances to meta gags that should fall flat yet nearly always land. But do you know what is dependably the finest part of this series? It has a cast. Big Mouth presents us with a combination of unquestionable acting greats and the trendiest up-and-comers season after season and then challenges them all to read the raunchiest lines in all of the streaming.

It’s an animated tradition that stretches back to Season 1 when Nathan Fillion played a lusty, egotistical version of himself on this wild program. Big Mouth Season 6 joyfully maintains this trend. Was every single new character introduced this season? Yes, they have a voice actor that you may or may not recognize. And we’ve got you covered on all of them.

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The New Cast and Characters in Season 6 of 'Big Mouth' on Netflix

Do you want to know who plays Montel, Maury (Nick Kroll), and Connie’s (Maya Rudolph) gender-destroying baby? What about the man behind the holy and soft-spoken Elijah? Do you want to know who wrote the popular country song for the Rice Purity Test? We have an answer to every query.

Consider this your guide to the season’s greatest names and flashiest new characters, from new and important characters like Elijah and Flanny O’Lympic to episodic guest stars like Ira Glass.

The New Cast and Characters in Season 6 of 'Big Mouth' on Netflix

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If you want to know if this season is worth your time, read Decider’s review. Spoiler alert: If you enjoyed Big Mouth before, you’ll love it even more now. If that isn’t enough, be sure to check out our coverage of Human Resources, this show’s underappreciated offshoot that concentrates on the day-to-day workplace dramas of Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Lovebugs, Logic Rocks, and hundreds of other bizarre characters.

Whatever your poison, keep in mind that this is one cartoon you should probably avoid watching with children. Simply promote it to the preteens in your life and give them some time to explore it on their own.


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