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The Babysitter 3 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

The Babysitter 3 Netflix: After the credits scene of The Babysitter: Killer Queen, it seems likely that The Babysitter 3 will be on Netflix. In The Babysitter: Killer Queen, which takes place two years after the first movie, Cole (Judah Lewis) is still haunted by the fact that his favorite babysitter, Bee (Samara Weaving), was the leader of a blood cult that made a deal with the Devil.

Cole thought he was safe, but when he and his best friend Melanie (Emily Alyn Lind) decide to go to a party, his past literally comes back to haunt him as the blood cult members come back to life to try to kill Cole again. If you haven’t seen The Babysitter: Killer Queen yet, look away now because we’re about to talk about how it sets up the third movie.

The Babysitter 3: Release Date

Even though Netflix hasn’t said when a third movie will be out, we can make good guesses about when it will be out. The sequel to The Babysitter: Killer Queen wasn’t even announced until September 2019, three years after the first movie came out. The Babysitter, Netflix’s first original movie, came out in 2017, and since then, the service has been more eager to make sequels.

This means that if Killer Queen gets popular enough for a third movie, we could hear about it sooner, so we wouldn’t have to wait three years. We think a Netflix release in 2022, maybe in December of that year, is possible.

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The Babysitter 3 cast: Who’s coming back for The Babysitter 3?

Since McG has said that the third movie will wrap up Cole’s story, we can expect to see Judah Lewis back as Cole, and after what happened in Killer Queen, Jenna Ortega should be back as Phoebe. Less clear is whether or not the blood cult members will try to kill Cole again. It’s unclear if the failed ritual in the second book means they will die for good or just go back to limbo.

Max says early on in the sequel that they’ve been in limbo since they died in the first movie, and if they don’t finish the ritual by sunrise, they’ll have to wait two years before they can try again.

We think the third movie will go in this direction, with everyone coming back (again). This could mean that Robbie Amell’s Max, Bella Thorne‘s Allison, Hana Mae Lee’s Sonya, Andrew Bachelor’s John, and Emily Alyn Lind’s Melanie will all be back. Bee, played by Samara Weaving, had less of a role in the second movie, but if there is a third one, we’d expect to see her in at least a cameo.

The Babysitter 3: How does The Babysitter Killer Queen set it up?

Long story short, Killer Queen shows that Melanie is also a member of the blood cult and is working with Bee on the latest attempt at the ritual. It looks like everything went as planned because the cult has the blood of the people who were sacrificed and the blood of an innocent person, which is Cole’s. But Bee has been working the whole time to put an end to everything for good.

The Babysitter 3 Netflix

She has been trying to get Cole closer to his new classmate Phoebe (Jenna Ortega), whom Bee used to watch when she was younger. Bee made the deal with the Devil in order to save Phoebe’s life after a car accident when she was a child.

Cole and Phoebe had slept together, so his blood is no longer “innocent.” When the cult members drink the blood cocktail, they all die. Bee drinks last because she is the “last demon,” and Cole’s life seems to be back to normal.

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But in the scene after the credits, it’s shown that the “Devil’s Bible,” which has the ritual, hasn’t been destroyed and is still available to anyone who wants to try it. The movie’s co-writer and director, McG, has confirmed that a third movie is in the works.

“We have the story, and I put it firmly in the audience’s hands. If the audience wants it, they’ll see it and we’ll do it. If they say, “No, I don’t like this,” then we won’t. And I’d love to do that because I’d love to bring Cole’s story to a close “he said to CBR.

McG also said that he likes the “surprises” in Killer Queen, like how Melanie and Bee switched places as villain and hero from the first movie, and he hinted that there could be more surprises in a possible third movie. “I love those surprises, and the third one still has a couple of big ones,” he said.



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