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Teen Wolf Season 7: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Fans of Teen Wolf were shocked when MTV abruptly cancelled the show because it had developed a devoted fanbase. Why did the program truly end before season 7?

Here is the justification behind Teen Wolf’s cancellation as opposed to its seventh season. The 2011 premiere of the MTV supernatural series, largely based on the 1985 movie of the same name starring Michael J. Fox, featured Tyler Posey as Scott McCall.

Fans were shocked to learn that Teen Wolf season 6 will be the show’s final installment because it was set in the fictional community of Beacon Hills and received generally favorable reviews.

Teen Wolf had previously split its seasons, but in its final year, they used a different strategy. They divided the plot into 10-episode arcs rather than telling it as a single story across the entire season. Scott, Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), and Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) returned to Beacon Hills for their senior year of high school, up until graduation, in the first part.

Teen Wolf Season 7: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Before they are summoned back to Beacon Hills when a new enemy appears, the second part of Teen Wolf season 6 saw them off to their different new lives as everyone has been split up and is doing their own thing.

However, what’s notable about Teen Wolf’s run is that there was no mention of it being the series’ final season when it was first renewed for a sixth season with 10 episodes in 2015. The show’s creator Jeff Davis and MTV executives assert that they jointly decided to stop it after six seasons because they felt it had reached the end of its useful life.

But prior to the announcement, there was also absolutely no sign that the show was planning to end soon. In fact, the storytelling structure of season 6 suggests that the program may have had to compress both stories into its final 20 episodes because it had two narrative arcs in its final year.

Why Teen Wolf Was Cancelled by MTV

According to the data, the likelihood that Teen Wolf was canceled, mostly owing of low ratings, is high. However, it wasn’t the main reason season 7 was never shown. MTV began to switch its output to unscripted shows in 2016. The cable network purchased 11 unscripted programs in April of that year, including a music competition from Mark Burnett, the creator of well-known programs including The Voice, Survivor, and Shark Tank.

Teen Wolf Season 7: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

In order to capitalize on its expanding audience, it also approved some docuseries as well as reality competitions. To balance things out, MTV did pick up a few scripted shows, but it’s obvious that they were concentrating more on their unscripted material than on programs like Teen Wolf.

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Second, Teen Wolf’s ratings, which peaked in season 3 with an average of 1.97 million viewers, have been progressively declining since then, which didn’t help. With 1.61 million viewers in season 4, Teen Wolf witnessed a modest decline in audience share, but it was still viable. However, by season 5, the show experienced a sharp decline, with just an average of 1.07 million viewers coming in.

By the end of its final season, the audience had completely collapsed, averaging just around 500,000 people. It’s likely that the public had begun to lose interest in Teen Wolf and its future plans, but it’s also plausible that the departure of a number of cast members throughout the years played a role. The notable actors who played Derek Hale, Jackson Whittemore, and Kira Yukimura, respectively, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Hayes, and Arden Cho, all quit their roles for a variety of reasons.

Teen Wolf Season 7: Release Date, Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Additionally, when filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Teen Wolf had to adapt to O’Brien’s injuries, which necessitated the use of Stiles sparingly in season 6. Many long-time viewers were disappointed by this because they had hoped that season 7 would see the return of some Teen Wolf characters and more interaction between specific ones (such as Stiles and Scott).

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Teen Wolf Will Return in 2022?

The Teen Wolf cast got together in 2020 to reminisce about their time spent creating the program. Even years after the (probable) cancellation of season 7, Davis acknowledged that he was still subjected to a barrage of inquiries regarding it. The writer said he was open to it, but if there was a revival, he wouldn’t be the one writing the story. Fortunately for the series’ viewers, it turned out that this wasn’t the case.

The internet was buzzing with sensational news of a Teen Wolf sequel movie in September 2021. Currently, 2022 is the projected release date. Additionally, the sequel, which will include “new allies” and “trusted pals” as they “fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadly opponent they’ve ever faced,” will be written and executive produced by Davis, according to Deadline.



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