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Stephen Sondheim’s Eye: The Mystery of Stephen Sondheim’s Sightless Eye!

Stephen Sondheim’s Eye

According to the BBC, American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim died on November 26 at his home in Connecticut. He was 91.

Fans of the late musical theatre maestro have been left wondering, “What happened to Stephen Sondheim’s eye?” after he had been experiencing vision problems for many years before his untimely passing.

The Mystery of Stephen Sondheim’s Sightless Eye.

It was speculated that the US composer’s Vision was impaired by droopy eyelids in the time leading up to his Untimely Demise.

Even though some people wondered if Sonheim was blind, we know through HeightZone that his eyesight is OK.

On November 10, 1998, in a column entitled “Stephen Sondheim Stage,” the artist wrote about having to endure a painful eye checkup.

When Sondheim realized he needed new eyeglasses, he went to the doctor, who suggested he get an eye checkup because it had been five years since his last one.

The doctor gave Stephen a battery of tests and found that his right eye’s eyesight had improved.

While this was happening, the artist’s left-eye eyesight deteriorated significantly.

Despite Stephen’s initial confusion and subsequent dizziness and nausea, he was finally given a new pair of spectacles and reached the following conclusion:

But now I’m getting shiny new spectacles, so I’ll be able to see and be noticed.

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When Did the Musician Require Glasses?

Stephen Sondheim spoke about his vision problems in a column he wrote in 1998.

According to legend, he didn’t start regularly using his spectacles until he was 25 and finally realized he couldn’t read the film credits without them.

A new prescription got him started on wearing lenses.

While the artist continued to only put on his spectacles when it was absolutely necessary, he was convinced that not doing so had worsened his vision.

Sondheim claimed to be nearsighted, which means he had difficulty seeing far away yet 20/20 eyesight up close.

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Explore The Late Composer’s Life

The great composer, who was born on March 22, 1930, in New York City, United States, passed away at the age of 91.

The BBC says that Stephen Sondheim’s lawyer confirmed his death to the New York Times.

A reliable source has revealed that Sondheim passed suddenly on Friday, November 26, 2021, at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, only a day after spending Thanksgiving with loved ones.

It is said that Sondheim attended his first Broadway musical when he was nine years old and that this experience set him on the path to his eventual meteoric rise to stardom.

As well as the Pulitzer, he has eight Grammys, nine Tonys, and one Oscar.

The composer had a fruitful career, composing music for such classic Broadway productions as Company, Follies, and A Little Night Music.

Sondheim, a well-known lyricist, also penned the words to West Side Story, a musical with music by Leonard Bernstein and a book by Arthur Laurents.

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