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Step Up High Water Season 3: First Look at Christina Milian in The Role Created by The Late Naya Rivera!

Step Up is returning to the High Water halls, and this time the drama—and dance moves—will be sexier than ever. The third season of the franchise (which debuts on Starz on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 10/9c) will continue to explore the betrayals, loves, and rivalries of High Water, the competitive and prestigious performing arts school that acts as a breeding ground for fresh talent.

According to the official synopsis, “As the label’s roster expands, High Water creator and megastar Sage Odom (Ne-Yo) faces murder charges, financial collapse, and formidable political opponents.” His business and romantic partner, Collette Jones (now played by Christina Milian), fights to uphold their reputation while juggling a national tour and stepping away from her position as the lady behind the empire—all while harboring a secret that might end it all.

Step Up High Water Season 3 Plot

All of us are anticipating that the most recent season would have more dance and tremendous vigor. Sage’s partnership with Collette will come under scrutiny in Season 3.

step up high water season 3

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We anticipate as fans that they will have to deal with financial difficulties, criminal accusations, and political opponents who seek to destroy Sage and High Water. However, there are a lot of theories regarding the show and how season 3 will probably be even better than the first two.

Step up High Water Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Step Up will premiere on October 16, 2022, according to the network.

step up high water season 3

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Step up High Water Season 3 Cast

Step Up: High Water, a dramatic series on Starz, will return with its original cast and creator Holly Sorenson. According to Network, a number of well-known actors from the previous seasons of the show will appear in the upcoming episode. The outstanding crew for the upcoming season has the spectators incredibly enthusiastic. This, along with the global appeal of the multi-talented, multicultural cast, will make this series a terrific addition to our schedule, according to Christina Davis, who said this about the cast in an interview.

step up high water season 3

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  • For Season 3, Tricia Helfer will play Erin, including
  • Janelle Baker, played by Lauryn McClain
  • Tel Baker, played by Patrice Jones
  • As Sage Odom, Ne-Yo
  • As Collette, Naya Rivera
  • AI Baker Faizon Love
  • Dondre, played by Marcus Mitchell
  • Odalie Allen played by Jade Chynoweth
  • David Jimenez is played by Carlito Olivero.
  • As Rigo, Terrence Green
  • King Eric Graise
  • As Poppy, Kendra Oyesanya

Step up High Water Season 3 Trailer

Here is the official teaser for Step Up’s upcoming season.



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