Seal Team Season Finale Recap: Always Enhance Your Combat Position

Seal Team Season Finale Recap: The sixth season finale of SEAL Team on Paramount+ included a daring escape, a visit to Clay’s grave, some Bulkhead celebration, and a medal ceremony that set up a shocking surprise.

Jason and company immediately solved the issue, picking up where they left off last week, with Bravo’s exfil destroyed by a rocket and the crew stranded on a bombed-out street with tangoes coming. Jay and Omar proceeded to the downed helicopter following orders, while Sonny and Trent went out to get a car, with Ray and Brock serving as overwatch/snipers.

At the helicopter

Jay and Omar discovered one pilot unharmed and the other severely injured but still alive. When Sonny and Trent were cornered within feet of a group of villains, the situation became extremely uncomfortable. Sonny (not himself, in light of the Clay news) almost went rogue to pick a battle he (and possibly others) couldn’t win, but Ray talked him out of it.

And when the majority of adversaries fled, Bravo cleared the rest of the playing area and regrouped near the helicopter. There, with the female pilot in urgent need of medical attention, Sonny pulled out the backup medical bag he began carrying beneath his vest after Clay nearly died in Mali.

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Seal Team Season Finale Recap

Bravo Was Unable to Return to The United States

Bravo was unable to return to the United States in time for Clay’s burial, so they instead convened at his gravesite, where Ray updated everyone about Clay’s death. (“What will that vet do with the years that Clay won’t get?” wondered Sonny.

“I hope he makes the most of them,” responded Ray. The crew gave Sonny some alone time with Clay, during which he recalled “all the times you were my swim companion and I left you vulnerable to sharks.” Then, Sonny stated that he would keep his promise to Stella and Brian when Clay was injured in Mali:

“Don’t worry about Stella and Brian.” Stella herself appeared at Sonny’s side and stated that the funeral could not be postponed since Command did not know how long Bravo would remain. Stella declined Sonny’s invitation to a sendoff at the Bulkhead because she was not yet prepared to confront her memories.

At the aforementioned Bulkhead event, Mandy met Omar, and Clay’s father Ash teased Jason about “having a memorial today” for his son, although Jason will get the Navy Cross tomorrow for saving Clay’s life. How was that for irony? The men cooled off, and Clay’s portrait was posted on the wall beside Swanny’s, where Ash remarked that Bravo provided Clay with the family and support he lacked.

When Lisa Arrived to The Bulkhead

She deflected Sonny’s newest jab about her not doing right by Bravo by sharing the information she had literally just acquired: Col. Decker, the commander of the combat area, neglected to change the communications channels as frequently as he should have, thus SGS had been listening in and was aware that Bravo was approaching.

And as Decker was about to be promoted to brigadier general, the error was being covered up. Later, Sonny found Decker in a packie parking lot and knocked him unconscious with a single punch. “You’re terrible at security, Colonel. At least nobody was killed this time.”

The next day, during Jason’s Navy Cross ceremony, Stella disregarded the recipient’s apprehensions. She remarked, “Had you not saved Clay that day, I would have had much less time with my husband, and he would have never had the opportunity to be a father, which he cherished so much.”

“I never took that time for granted, and I’m here to respect you for providing it to us.” (As my eyes tear up for the hundredth time, I am rehashing that conversation.) Meanwhile, Blackburn informed Davis that Decker had been assaulted by a known acquaintance the night before, and if the assailant was military, hell would be unleashed. Lisa then walked over to Sonny, saw his swollen knuckles, and grasped his hand while smiling.

Blackburn delivered an eloquent speech on Jason’s valor and then encouraged the Navy Cross winner to speak. And words he spake!

Jason claimed that Clay would not have been in that ambush if he hadn’t specifically joined the operation in order to monitor his TBI-impaired squad leader. While Clay was guarding his team’s back, Jason informed the gathering, “I was watching my own back, afraid that command would find what this war had done to my mind.”

“I concealed my traumatic brain injury, and Clay Spenser paid the ultimate price for it.” Clay once attempted to fight the good fight against TBI suppression but was instructed to stop. This war machine must stop ignoring the problem and begin protecting the protectors; hence, I’m taking up his cause today.

Seal Team Season Finale Recap

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Following Jason’s Announcement

A montage led us to believe that everyone’s situation had deteriorated. We observed Stella removing a photograph of Clay with Bravo… Ray eliminated the signs for their veterinary hospital in the arrival area… On the beach with Cerberus, Jason was observed running for the water and plunging in without surfacing.

The truth was revealed when Stella rehung the Bravo photograph in Brian’s nursery to watch over him… Ray changed the sign with a new one that renamed his and Naima’s residence Spenser House (sob!). Jason then climbed out of the water.

The scene then shifted to a conference room where Blackburn and other bosses were reprimanding Jason for his public disclosures. Blackburn declared, “You caused a heck of a problem, and we had no option but to stand you down.” Ray stopped the session to “amend” his character witness testimony by disclosing that he has been suffering from PTS since his abduction.

And just as Blackburn disregarded Ray’s gesture and the argument he believed it would make, EVERYONE came into the room — Sonny, Brock, Trent, Omar, and a dozen more operators, each of whom described their impairments. Continuous headaches. Tinnitus. The breaching syndrome is the Incapacity to sleep. fuzzy vision Memory lapses occur. Whatever it is, you name it.

“Thank you, brother,” Jason replied next to Ray. Ray sneered and said, “What is command going to do, withdraw all of our birds?” As you instructed me, sire: “Always enhance your fighting posture”

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