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Queen Sugar Season 8 Release Date: Is Last Season of “Queen Sugar” Will Air on Own at A Specific Date?

queen sugar season 8 release date

The critically acclaimed OWN sitcom Queen Sugar will return on September 6 for its seventh and final season. This season’s direction will be provided by an all-female crew, according to Deadline.

Season 7’s directors will also feature Patricia Cardoso, Aurora Guerrero, DeMane Davis, Kat Candler, Stacey Muhammad, showrunner Shaz Bennett, and the show’s creator and executive producer Ava DuVernay. Three siblings in rural Louisiana are the subject of the novel Queen Sugar, which follows their struggles as they deal with their father’s death and the inheritance of his sizable sugarcane farm.

Queen Sugar Tv Show Storyline

Queen Sugar is one of the long-running TV shows that is currently airing on the OWN Channel, and viewers have been riveted to their television screens for their favorite TV shows. Most viewers had watched the Bordelon Family up to its sixth season, but after that one aired, rumors started to circulate that this long-running series would be coming to an end in its seventh.

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For some, it might be shocking, but for others, it wasn’t, especially if the sixth season’s ratings for viewership served as the foundation because TV shows thrive on the number of viewers. The sixth season of Queen Sugar, which tragically only received a 0.10 rating from the live and same-day ratings and an audience of roughly 638,000 people, suggests that there may be other forces at play that will bring it to an end.

Queen Sugar Season 8 Release Date

Following the 2016 debut of the first season, The Series was promptly renewed. When the second season of the program began in 2017, it made its debut. 2018 saw the publication of two episodes from the third season, and 2019 saw the release of two episodes from the fourth season.

The release of the fifth and sixty-first seasons of the show was announced for 2021. Season 7 will reportedly be released in September 2022 as well. However, the timing of the release of Queen Sugar Season 8 is still under question.

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There are no plans to continue the Series for a ninth season, according to recent reports. The fact that Queen Sugar won’t be available for Season 8 of the show is regrettable.

Queen Sugar Season 8 Cast

There hasn’t been any confirmation of the cast since it was announced that the show would terminate after its seventh season. This logic holds that talking about the Season 8 cast of the show is pointless because there isn’t anything to talk about. The cast of the upcoming season has not yet been revealed, and no information has been made public about them.

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Additionally, there is a significant chance that the eighth season of the television series will air, during which we will see all of the original cast members as well as some new ones. Rutina Wesley, who plays Nova Bordelon, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, who plays Charlotte Bordelon West, Kofi Siriboe, who plays Ralph Angel Bordelon, and a host of other actors are among the performers who will be returning to the show.

Queen Sugar Season 8 Trailer

However, you might be dissatisfied because there won’t be anything to watch. Since there won’t be a season 8 as we have stated, it is very obvious why there hasn’t been a trailer produced. Just a quick note to let you know that Season 7 of the Series will be starting soon. We have consequently included a link to the season 7 trailer below.

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