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Netflix K-Drama Business Proposal Webtoon Where to Read

The stunning Ahn Hyo Seop from Abyss, Lovers of the Red Sky, and Dr. Romantic 2, as well as Kim Se Jeong, who wowed audiences in School 2017, are among the well-known actors who appear in the Korean drama Business Proposal.

Readers of the original manhwa have expressed their satisfaction with the Netflix adaptation of the webtoon, which delivers a striking cast in addition to a striking similarity to the source material.

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Who Created a Webtoon Business Proposal?

Guava Farm and Perilla are responsible for the writing of the popular webtoon A Business Proposal, and Narak is responsible for the webtoon’s eccentric artwork. According to the website of the webtoon’s publisher, the webcomic was adapted from an original novel written by Haehwa.

Where to Read a Free Business Proposal Webcomic

You may read all of the episodes of the A Business Proposal webtoon that have been published on Tapas. Download the Tapas app to gain access to all of the available episodes without cost.

After installing the app and registering in, you may watch the first five episodes completely free of charge. In addition, readers will have access to brand new episodes every Tuesday, completely free of charge (except the last 32 episodes).

A Business Proposal has, up to this point, broadcast 108 episodes and has received over 6.7 million views. Along with that, the popular webtoon now has more than 195.5 thousand subscribers. Read on to find out what happens next in the webtoon titled “Business Proposal.”

What Happens to Tae Mu and Ha Ri in A Business Proposal webtoon

The English version of the webtoon is still being updated, so readers will have to wait to find out how the story concludes, but up to this point, the exciting webtoon has not let them down.

Tae Mu and Ha Ri end up being married in the webtoon, and they even have a steamy honeymoon together after the ceremony. In episode 106, Tae Mu learns that he has transitioned from being a workaholic to a “Wife-o-holic.”

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Netflix K-Drama Business Proposal Webtoon Where to Read

For those who are rooting for Sunghoon and Young Seo to end up together, we have some uplifting information to share: according to the webtoon, the couple is going to start spending more time together, and they have even started making wedding plans.

Fans may anticipate some sexy moments between Tae Mu and Ha Ri in the upcoming episodes because the Netflix adaptation has thus far been faithful to the webtoon. However, viewers will have to wait to find out how the story will conclude.




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