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Motive Season 5: Was Motive Renewed for Season 5?

Every time a show is not renewed for a second season, it is sad. Motive, one of the most suspenseful crime series, has finished its four-season run. The show’s central characters were homicide detectives who investigated crimes by trying to determine their causes in each episode. Every new episode started with a reveal of all the details (including the killer), followed by the leads attempting to determine the motive.

It was a unique take on the classic crime drama, but sadly TV Series Finale revealed that Motive would not return for Season 5, with the season’s Season 4 finale marking the end of the season. Now that it’s finished, it’s time to find some solid replacement programs that are either tone-compatible or just seem like must-watch television.

Motive Season 5 Release Date

Season 5 of Motive will debut when?

Motive is now no longer airing on CTV. The fourth season of Motive will be the final one. The following season is not currently in CTV’s plans, but we can never be sure. Season five has not yet been announced or planned as of September 2022. Please register for updates below and participate in the discussion in our forums if you want to be informed of any changes. Check out the IMDb page for Motive as well.

motive season 5

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Season 5 of Motive was approved?

No, CTV has canceled the show Motive. The fourth and final season will be released.

Will 13 Reasons Why Return for A Fifth Season?

Unfortunately, Netflix has confirmed that 13 Reasons Why won’t be back in 2019, with the fourth season being the final one to feature Liberty High. The streamer clarified in a statement that the choice to stop the show after series four was solely a creative one because it will “highlight the primary cast’s graduation from High School” and be “a natural finale to the show.”

Another season four teaser video from Netflix features the 13 Reasons Why cast as they tearfully end their final read-through.

I will never forget this event for the rest of my life, so thank you, Alisha Boe, who portrays Jessica Davis, is heard sobbing in the video.

motive season 5

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The decision to conclude 13 Reasons Why during season two’s filming, according to showrunner Brian Yorkey, was made because he felt that the students’ graduation “felt like the logical stopping point.”

When it became apparent that there might be room for further seasons of this, he stated, “I fairly rapidly went to a position where it seemed like a four-season plot.”

“High school lasts four years, so I’m usually a little leery about series about high school that lasts more than four seasons.”

It seemed like a reasonable conclusion to bring these people to their graduation and have them scatter to their future endeavors, he continued.

motive season 5

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So, the plan has been in place for a while that, should we be so fortunate as to have the chance, we would do four seasons of this. Therefore, we were aware that season four would be the last one before the breaking narrative.



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