5 Key Moments From ‘This Isn’t Best Friends at First Sight’ From ‘Married at First Sight’

Married at First Sight Season 15 is one episode away from the all-important Decision Day, but in “This Isn’t Best Friends at First Sight,” the couples must first resolve their differences.

From miscommunication to varying amounts of affection, these couples cover a lot of territory in the episode coming up to the conclusion of this social experiment. Below, we summarise all of the drama and pivotal scenes, so beware of spoilers.

Final Thoughts

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 16 Recap

In this episode, the couples took some time apart to discuss their outlook on moving into Decision Day with loved ones, seeking counsel and words of wisdom before making the last leap. When Stacia and Nate gather with their loved ones, Nate’s move into Stacia’s home is the primary topic of conversation.

While Nate believes that Stacia is in a different emotional state, Stacia is concerned that he is taking things too seriously, particularly when discussing the possibility of having children together. Nate is concerned that the major relocation would make him feel like he is living in Stacia’s home, rather than as a shared experience. Their loved ones do their best to reassure the couple, but it is uncertain whether this will be sufficient to keep them together.

Lindy discusses a misunderstanding with Miguel with her sister, expressing concern that he may let tiny obstacles hinder their happiness. Lindy appears to take solace in this explanation, despite the fact that it is not a complete solution. Lindy’s sister suggests that she will need to establish a balance and a middle ground when Miguel has miscommunications.

Krysten confides in a friend that she is sure of her relationship with Mitch but needs validation and a huge romantic gesture to solidify her plans moving ahead. Justin discusses Alexis with his mother, implying that he requires additional initiation on the romantic front in order to feel secure. He elaborates on his dissatisfaction with the fact that he gave up Mya under the pretense that Alexis would say yes on Decision Day. Justin’s mother gives him some odd counsel, in the end, advising him to get freaky with Alexis.

Mitch meets up with his brother, who listens to the newlywed’s concerns about the two aspects of himself he’s struggling with, including the married Mitch and Mitch who surfs and does whatever he wants whenever he wants. The question is whether he can find a balance between both. Ultimately, Mitch’s brother wants to ensure that he is not contemplating leaving a positive situation.

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Go Carts

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 16 Recap

The couples gather for a group adventure, racing go-karts around San Diego before settling down to a seaside meal that appears to be somewhat chilly as everyone wraps themselves up. Miguel begins the conversation by apologizing for his mood during the couples’ retreat, and Alexis responds by mocking Stacia about her brush with a vibrating plate at their most recent lunch.

Stacia states that she does not believe Nate believes her judgment or perspective, citing how he disagreed with her about having fun while simultaneously having children until his father convinced him otherwise. Mitch reveals that he is uncertain as to whether or not he and Krysten would say yes on Decision Day, and in response, Krysten describes the reasons that would motivate her to say yes, implying that it may be easier than Mitch believes.

Date Night

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 16 Recap

In the hours preceding Decision Day, the couples embark on individual dates for one last hurrah before going their separate ways. Mitch reveals that he’s afraid of losing Krysten, meaning that even if he’s not in love with her yet, he’s become so attached that it would be a tragedy to let her go.

Justin and Alexis go on a date surrounded by sunflowers, during which he reveals that he has been extremely self-absorbed and she reveals why she has at times been aloof. Alexis appears pleased that Justin has come to this revelation, but she does not indicate whether or not it will convince her to say yes on Decision Day.

Miguel makes amends for his and Lindy’s failed vineyard date during the retreat by sharing a meal and wine in a picturesque winery location. They agree that communication is the key to resolving potential future issues, but he admits he is unsure he can take her energy and emotions for the rest of their lives.

Nate and Stacia’s dinner date becomes less cordial as they sit down to eat. He opens the evening by asking Stacia whether she’s fully committed and inquires about any defects she has yet to reveal.

She informs Nate that she has been truthful about her imperfections thus far and expresses concern that he would not love her because he has never experienced it in previous relationships. Nate becomes insulted and requests that Stacia be patient with him, but the topic devolves into an argument and he leaves the table in exasperation.

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Last Sleep

Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 16 Recap

The night prior to their departure till Decision Day, the couples reflect on their dates and experiences. Krysten asks Mitch whether their dog Luna can share the bed on this special occasion, and he consents, saying that he loves Krysten despite not being in love yet.

Could this be the type of gesture she is willing to contemplate on the day of the decision? As for Alexis and Justin, he believes he’s in fantastic shape heading into the big day, but Alexis is more hesitant; she admits she wants reassurance and isn’t convinced that his abrupt epiphany during their meal was sufficient.

The situation is heated between Stacia and Nate, who consider the positive aspects of their experience. She states that she has no regrets, and Nate discloses that he enjoys the friendship element of their relationship, but it is evident that they do not agree on how to handle conflicts. Can they set aside their differences to pick one another on Decision Day?


Married At First Sight Season 15 Episode 16 Recap

The couples part ways until they meet on the Decision Day sofa again. Alexis acknowledges her reluctance to commit, stating that she must balance the pros and cons of her relationship with Justin. Lindy and Miguel discuss the situation, learning each other’s triggers and making mental notes to avoid pulling them.

Mitch and Krysten discuss taking the next step in their relationship slowly, and while Krysten agrees, she requests clear boundaries since she needs to follow something. Can these final moments of clarity and uncertainty influence the decisions of these individuals? Lifetime continues to air the fifteenth season of Married at First Sight.

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