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Law and Order Organized Crime Season 3 Review Everything You Need To Know

Law and Order Organized Crime Season 3 Review: The New York City Police Department’s numerous squads collaborate to uncover the perpetrators of a cold-blooded shooting of a young child, and the District Attorney’s office strives to hold them accountable. Yes, it’s time for the first-ever crossover between Law & Order Organized Crime!

The action begins as Cosgrove is having a conversation with his teenage daughter, who is pleading with him to allow her to attend school from home because she fears something bad may happen while she is there. He rejects her and reassures her that unfavorable outcomes are uncommon. Suddenly, a young girl bleeding profusely dashes by their table in the outdoor cafe.

We witnessed her flee from a yacht after assaulting a man. She is a Ukrainian whose entire family was killed in the Russian invasion in March. She is struck by a car because she is so disoriented, and while Frank motions for an ambulance to arrive, a masked assailant approaches her and shoots her as she is laying in the middle of the street.

As Elliot loudly reminds Frank in the midst of the precinct, “Organized Crime has been investigating a case involving the guy for six months.” Elliot is concerned that the shooter has been startled and will flee.

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Law and Order Organized Crime Season 3 Review

Bell and a much more composed Stabler explain

Bell and a much more composed Stabler explain that the gunman, Maxim Sirenko, is intimately entangled in a narcotics and another illegal activity ring over at OC. They want to wait and conduct further research before making an attempt to apprehend him since they don’t want to alarm him and his group.

Cosgrove then makes Stabler feel bad about not being more motivated to exact revenge for the death of an innocent girl. and Bell claims that Stabler is calling… In an effort to provide the NYPD with some incriminating information regarding the murder, Stabler then meets with his criminal informant and has him copy Sirenko’s phone.

Even though it’s a very narrow victory, the CI succeeds. Additionally, Jet is able to see the phone’s downloaded security footage, which allows them to see a potential witness (another girl) and her female pimp. Before Velasco has an advantage over the pimp, Liv makes Rollins, Velasco, Fin, and the rest of the team search through their records for, like, 90 seconds. Cosgrove, Stabler, and a SWAT team are soon conducting a raid on the woman’s home.

Law and Order Organized Crime Season 3 Review

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There is some firing, but no one is hurt as they capture her. A young lady attacks Cosgrove upstairs at the home brandishing a kitchen knife, but he quickly disarms her and orders the other police not to fire her. The woman pleads and begs him to shoot her while he shackles her.

It’s your time now. What did you think of the crossover’s first hour and the premiere of Organized Crime? After rating it in the poll below, share your thoughts in the comments section!



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