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Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer’s Drama Is Explained as Fans Speculate Beef!

On-screen, there is tension between Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer. Jules and Nate are two very different characters whose paths cross romantically, but not in a positive way, as portrayed by the “Euphoria” stars.

Jules (Schafer) was the victim of a catfishing attempt by Nate (Elordi), who then threatened her with nude images she had supplied him under the guise of Tyler, an online love interest. This connection is more nuanced than fans initially imagined in season two, as it is revealed that Nate might genuinely be in love with Jules after Fezco informs Nate’s father of his son’s true sentiments (via Popsugar).

Fans Speculate Hunter Schafer and Jacob Elordi’s Old Drama

When the first season of HBO’s Euphoria was released in 2019, some fans conjectured that co-stars Hunter Schafer and Jacob Elordi were involved in a rumored feud. In the TV show, Nate Jacobs created an online persona to romantically pursue Jules and win her heart. The romance then ended, and season two saw Nate form a secret relationship with his ex’s best friend, Cassie Howard.

In October 2019, the actors switched from being close friends to avoiding one another. A Reddit user “put some pieces together” to infer that drama and friction predated their friendship.

Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer's Drama Is Explained as Fans Speculate Beef!

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According to numerous Twitter accounts, the pair’s alleged falling out is what caused them to refuse to work together on the second season of the show. Some fans even contend that their alleged falling out is what inspired the development of Nate and Cassie’s covert romance plot.

Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer's Drama Is Explained as Fans Speculate Beef!

Fans believe the fight was taking place behind the scenes because the American actors have never verified the drama or been involved in a public argument. Hunter Schafer is said to have unfollowed Jacob Elordi sometime in 2021, which furthered rumors that the two were no longer on speaking terms.

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Euphoria Stars Have Squashed the Beef

Since the actors followed each other back on Instagram, Schafer and Elordi’s rumored feud has allegedly been put to rest. On @hunterschafer and @jacobelordi’s Instagram, they even appear in one another’s content, such as group photos from the Euphoria series two premieres.

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Dominic Fike Confirms Romantic Relationship

The two sparked dating rumors in January 2022 when they were spotted holding hands in West Hollywood. Aside from her alleged friendship drama, Hunter Schafer appears to be very busy in her love life right now.

Dominic Fike posted an Instagram photo of himself kissing his co-star, Schafer, while they were out to dinner. An actor by the name of Hex Hudosh (@hernameishex) also shared an image of the pair locking lips.



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