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Is There A Twin Brother For Massimo In 365 Days 2: This Day?

After the surprise success of 365 Days in 2020, Netflix quickly gave the thriller’s follow-up the go-ahead, and it finally came out in April 2022. This Day in 365 Days is full of more twists and turns for Laura and the mafia boss Massimo, whose relationship is put to the test by a few new people.

Fans are talking about a scene in which Laura sees someone she thinks is Massimo cheating on her. The event has made people wonder if the mafia boss has a secret twin brother.

Laura Spots Massimo Lookalike In 365 Days: This Day

At a fancy ball near the middle of the second book, Laura sees someone she thinks is Massimo sneaking away with his ex-girlfriend Anna. She follows them, and when she sees them making out, she is clearly upset by what she has seen.

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Is There A Twin Brother For Massimo In 365 Days 2: This Day?

Laura leaves the party with Nacho, a gardener she’s been getting closer to, because she feels betrayed by Massimo. They go to his father’s house in Spain, where their relationship continues to grow.

Is There A Twin Brother For Massimo In 365 Days 2: This Day?

In 365 Days: This Day, Massimo does, in fact, have a twin brother. Despite being born only 10 minutes after Massimo, Adriano is the reclusive sibling and is regarded as the runt of the litter in the Torricelli family.

Laura thought Massimo had been having an affair with Anna since they had a chilly connection and Massimo had never brought up Adriano. Adriano is envious of his estranged brother’s position of strength, fortune, and success.

He has teamed up with Don Fernando Matos, a rival of Massimo’s, to overthrow his brother and seize control of his criminal empire since he wants a portion of that for himself. Massimo’s wealth and power have always made Adriano envious. He has been plotting with Anna, who was also hurt when Massimo selected Laura, to topple him and take over his criminal enterprise.

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Is There A Twin Brother For Massimo In 365 Days 2: This Day?

Does Michele Morrone Have A Brother In Real Life?

No, Michele Morrone does not actually have a twin brother. Instead, Michele has three elder sisters and is the youngest of four children. Michele actually portrays both Massimo and Adriano in 365 Days: This Day because he doesn’t have a twin in real life.

The difference between Massimo’s slicked-back hair and Adriano’s scruffy quiff allows fans to distinguish the two personalities.



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