Is Scream Based on A True Story? Inside the Disturbing Documentary Findings

Is Scream Based on A True Story: There will never be a day when the 1996 horror film Scream is dull to discuss. The original and the franchise are extremely well-loved, regardless of whether viewers first saw the film in the 1990s (or much later). And how often have horror films utilized the phrase “based on a real tale” to draw viewers in?

Too many times to count—and often with questionable accuracy. But shockingly, in the instance of Kevin Williamson, Scream was only very loosely based on genuine events. Scared? Then it would be best to stop scrolling.

Is Scream Based on A True Story?

The Gainesville Ripper, Danny Rolling, was the subject of an episode of Turning Point on ABC News in 1994, which Kevin Williamson was watching. What he discovered terrified him, and two years later, that seed developed into Scream. In contrast to Scream, Danny was terribly dangerous and very genuine.

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Is Scream Based on A True Story?

Danny was raised by his mother Claudia, brother Kevin, and an incredibly violent father in Shreveport, Louisiana. Danny’s numerous wounds were made much more painful by the fact that James Rolling was a Shreveport police officer. He was supposed to be one of the good guys. In May 1990, Danny got into a heated argument with his father after having enough. He was 36 years old when this happened. James suffered ear and sight losses as a result of the fight.

Three months later, Danny was in Gainesville, Florida, when he killed five college students, sexually assaulting three of them. Danny also decided to have them pose in a sexually graphic manner, obviously for shock effect. Authorities in Florida were informed of three similar killings from 1989 by the state of Louisiana. They were able to ascertain that the victims’ body fluids from each state’s victims showed the offender had Type B blood. What a fantastic lead!

Police detained Danny in September 1990 after receiving a tip from a lady who knew him. In November 1991, he was accused of committing many murders, and by April 1994, he had received a death sentence. Danny Rolling was put to death at Florida State Prison by lethal injection on October 25, 2006.

What Can We Expect from ‘scream: The True Story’?

Scream: The True Story by Danny Rolling is the subject of Shock Docs, a true crime series on Discovery Plus, and it’s sure to offer a novel perspective nobody has considered. The paranormal pair, led by psychic medium Cindy Kaza and paranormal specialist Steve Shippy, will visit Danny’s boyhood home as well as the University of Florida campus, the scene of the killings. The Shreveport Times reports that the present homeowners have witnessed a lot of frightening poltergeist activity.

Is Scream Based on A True Story?

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Unsurprisingly, Wes Craven, the filmmaker of Scream, got the inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street from reading a story in the Los Angeles Times. Wes stated that the narrative was about “a family who had survived the Killing Fields in Cambodia and managed to come to the U.S.” in Freddy Lives: An Oral History of A Nightmare on Elm Street by Vulture. Their small boy started experiencing such dreadful nightmares that he wouldn’t go to sleep at night. Sounds recognizable?

The youngster struggled to remain awake for several days before giving up. His shouts startled his parents, but by the time they reached him, he was already dead. Over ten years later, Wes would direct Scream from the same story that eventually became A Nightmare on Elm Street. Boy, does horror sometimes come full circle.


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