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Is New Girl Coming Off Netflix? Here’s Where To Stream It Instead

Is New Girl Coming Off Netflix

Is New Girl Coming Off Netflix: After a non-Netflix original series has resided on the streaming service for an extended period of time, the anxiety that it could leave at any moment is inevitable. Regrettably, the moment has come for New Girl fans to be concerned.

Seven seasons of New Girl aired between 2011 and 2018, with Zooey Deschanel in the lead role as the cheerful teacher Jess Day. After a painful breakup, Jess moves into a loft with three men she meets through an internet ad, which proves to be the best decision of her life.

The Fox comedy series has been available on Netflix for many years and continues to be one of the most popular purchased comedies on the streaming service. In the United States, its availability has never been under doubt; nevertheless, over the past few years, it has fluctuated in other countries.

Because New Girl has departed Netflix in certain regions of the world, fans of the beloved comedy series are likely wondering when the program will be picked up by another streaming service. The answers are provided below.

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Is New Girl Coming Off Netflix?

Yes, New Girl will officially leave Netflix on Monday, April 17, 2023. TV Line announced the cancellation of the fan-favorite sitcom on March 10, 2023. The news offers fans approximately one month to prepare for a final binge-watch before the series leaves Netflix in April.

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Where to Watch New Girl After It Leaves Netflix

You need not fear that New Girl will be placed in the vault, never to be watched again. After all seven seasons are removed from Netflix on April 17, the entire series will be streamable on Hulu and Peacock. In order to view New Girl on Hulu and/or Peacock, a subscription to each service is required.

Given that the series was produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox, which is now owned by Disney… who currently co-owns Hulu… the transfer to Hulu makes logical. The switch to Peacock was an excellent choice, as the streaming service now offers some of the most popular rewatchable sitcoms.

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